Patrik Jonsson promotes illegal immigration in Stillmore, Georgia

Patrik Jonsson of the Christian Science Monitor offers "Crackdown on immigrants empties a town and hardens views", which is so highly similar to the story discussed in "Russ Bynum/AP promotes illegal immigration (Stillmore, Georgia)" that I barely need to add anything more: almost everything said about that slab of pro-illegal immigration propaganda applies to the current slab.

There are a few minor differences. For instance, we learn that the Crider plant "does everything from poultry processing to packing M&Ms for the military to grilling the ribs for restaurant franchises, employees say". Bear in mind that apparently hundreds of workers at that plant were illegal aliens, i.e., citizens of other countries. (See, for instance, "Poisoning the MREs Americans won't poison").

Note that both the previous AP story as well as the Los Angeles Times story discussed in "Molly Hennessy-Fiske/LAT promotes corruption in Arkansas; Huckabee" have featured locals who speak favorably of the illegal aliens and express the wish that ICE had just let the massive corruption continue. The current article is no different:

...raids and crackdowns have uncorked a phenomenon for those left behind: a sense of moral confusion about mass roundups and midnight raids.

Thankfully, the AP, the Los Angeles Times, and the CSM are here to offer us moral guidance. And, although no other information is provided, we're informed that:

But some, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, have voiced concerns about the searches.

And, as with the AP article, the news that the illegal aliens had lowered local wages and taken jobs from legal workers is hidden at the end of the piece:

Now the plant is paying a dollar more an hour than before the raid, to draw new workers from neighboring counties. "With the illegals gone, Americans have a chance to make more money," says Mr. Byrd.