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Schwarzenegger, Perry, Napolitano, Richardson urge "comprehensive" immigration reform - 08/26/06

The four border governers (Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, Rick Perry of Texas, Janet Napolitano of A

Rick Perry on immigration, Trans-Texas Corridor - 07/19/06

There's an interview here where he's asked about those questions. However, I was unable to get their video player to work, so I don't know how he responded.

Border incursions: CBP wants investigation; Mexico issues border ban - 01/26/06

FWIW: U.S. and Mexican officials on Tuesday were investigating a bizarre encounter between Texas lawmen and heavily armed intruders who were wearing Mexican military uniforms while evidently escorting a caravan of sport utility vehicles that was smuggling marijuana into the United States.

TX Gov. Rick Perry unveils "blueprint for border security" - 10/13/05

From this: ...Saying he is tired of waiting for the federal government to do its job, Texas Gov. Rick Perry unveiled what he called a comprehensive blueprint for border security, which includes the use of the Texas National Guard for training and for deployment in emergencies... The governor said the National Guard troops would be used only for emergencies and not for routine patrolling of the 1,200-mile long Texas-Mexico border...

Loony Texans oppose Minutemen; Perry offers lukewarm support - 09/24/05

"Minuteman border patrol raises opposition in Texas" (link) has a roundup of the open borders types that oppose the Minuteman Project. Those include Sen. Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, D-McAllen and 10 other state senators as well as U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, Texas Democrat. Plus:

Trans-Texas Corridor: "there's something wrong going on in Texas" - 09/16/05

I-NAFTA is rolling right along, but some plucky Americans are trying to put up some roadblocks: Trans-Texas Corridor critics denounced the state's handling of the project on Tuesday and called on McLennan County residents to organize against the proposed transportation network.

Gov. Rick Perry's vision of the Trans-Texas Corridor - 08/26/05

Texas' Republican Gov. Rick Perry wants to build a massive scar across that state called the "Trans-Texas Corridor". It would consist of roads, railway lines, and energy transport pipelines and, in some places, it would be one-quarter of a mile wide.

Dueling over a scar - 02/09/05

The TransTexas Corridor appears to be closer to reality: AUSTIN - Farmers oppose it, metro area officials are upset about it and now state lawmakers have their own concerns about the Trans Texas Corridor, Gov. Rick Perry's $184 billion plan to build megahighways around the state.

A quarter-mile scar across the Texas landscape - 01/05/05

Say hello to the Trans-Texas Corridor (link): In what sounds like another tall tale told by a Texan, the state has embarked on an audacious project to build superhighways so big and so complex that they will make ordinary interstates look like cow paths.

"New ID Cards Help Immigrants Keep Their Money Safe" - 09/30/04

The following is an alleged news report from Austin TX's KXAN: The Mexican consulate has announced a program which puts a face, literally, on thousands of Mexican immigrants. Authorities say something as simple as an identification card will save money and lives. It's an important day for immigrants. Many of them live and work in the shadows, with no formal identification card and no place to put their money.