"New ID Cards Help Immigrants Keep Their Money Safe"

The following is an alleged news report from Austin TX's KXAN:
The Mexican consulate has announced a program which puts a face, literally, on thousands of Mexican immigrants.

Authorities say something as simple as an identification card will save money and lives.

It's an important day for immigrants. Many of them live and work in the shadows, with no formal identification card and no place to put their money.

"People carry their money, their savings, in their pockets because they were unable to open bank accounts," said Javier Alejo Lopez, Consul General of Mexico...

[... several heart-warming paragraphs deleted ...]

"Before Wells Fargo came, they were using unconventional ways of sending money back to Mexico, and it was high risk," said Henry Moreno with the Austin Police Department. "The people are not carrying around a lot of money now."

...The additional banking service is possible because of an agreement between Wells Fargo and the Banorte Financial Group in Mexico.

Even though Wells Fargo will accept the matricula card as identification, Governor Rick Perry continues to oppose the use of the cards as legal ID in Texas. He says Mexico still lacks a formal birth registry system to keep track of its citizens.
Like I said, the preceding is alleged to be a news report.

Now, go read "Consular IDs help illegals evade immigration law" or Their Money or Your Safety for the real story.


Does it ever occur to these brilliant businessmen, that if they are getting applauded by bureaucrats and the regulated media, for a policy that is supposedly selfish and agreed by so many usually hostile officials to be such a profitable one, that this policy is not really in their long-term interest?

They would make themselves accessories to crime and treason, and expect us to consider their organizations to be generous, kindly benefactors?