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George W. Bush Institute on "Growth and Immigration" (Matthew Denhart) - 12/05/12

Yesterday, George W Bush returned to the public eye to promote massive immigration, saying ( ):

PNAE claims immigrants involved in 76% of *some* patents; let's show them wrong (Mike Bloomberg) - 06/26/12

Michael Bloomberg's "Partnership for a New American Economy" is a coalition of billionaires and big city mayors that promotes massive immigration, especially skilled immigration. See those links for the details.

Fareed Zakaria's GPS Road Map for immigration (CNN, Bloomberg, globalism, Kobach) - 06/06/12

On Sunday, June 10th, CNN will be broadcasting a Fareed Zakaria show [1] called "Global Lessons: The GPS Road Map for Making Immigration Work".

Review Deborah Schildkraut's "Americanism in the Twenty-First Century" (immigration, assimilation, Tufts, Russell Sage) - 05/31/12

Deborah Schildkraut is an Associate Professor at Tufts University and the author of the book "Americanism in the Twenty-First Century: Public Opinion in the Age of Immigration". If your local library has a copy, feel free to post reviews of her book in comments.

Charles Kenny: worst, most anti-American immigration editorial ever? (development economist, Businessweek, World Bank, apartheid) - 07/13/11

I've read hundreds of immigration editorials and articles full of bad, anti-American ideas and even a couple of articles advocating for hiring illegal aliens, but an editorial by Charles Kenny (see the link) reaches a new low ("How to Be a Patriot: Hire an Illegal Immigrant/Laws against illegal immigration make little economic or moral sense.

James Ledbetter of Slate hypes immigration as a cure-all, despite reality - 09/09/10

Tossing reality aside, James Ledbetter of Slate offers "Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor. Really. We Mean It /Economists are making the case politicians are afraid to: Immigration is great for the U.S." (

Here are a few ways Ledbetter isn't in touch with the reality that the rest of us share:

Kyle de Beausset: illegal aliens more American than Americans, immigrants better than citizens - 07/07/10

Kyle de Beausset is a Harvard University student and occasional quote source in support of the anti-American DREAM Act. Recent comments from him show that his anti-Americanism doesn't just include letting illegal aliens take college educations from Americans, but is much more generalized.

CIPC bogus immigration study: "immigrants" pay their way, more likely to be employed - 01/28/10

The California Immigrant Policy Center (see who they are below) has released a new and highly misleading immigration booster study purporting to claim that immigrants in California pay their way and that they're employed at a greater rate than non-immigrants. The second might be true, and in that case that's an argument against massive immigration since some or many are taking jobs that Americans could be doing. You can get the PDF at and an MSM report is here.

Regarding the first, their report is unreliable from the beginning, saying that "43% of California’s immigrants are citizens", despite the fact that immigrant who were naturalized are no longer immigrants, they're citizens and citizens alone. Not only does their definition of "immigrants" include those who are no longer immigrants, but they make no distinction as to status, lumping illegal aliens together with legal immigrants and naturalized citizens. For instance, they lump in a very large number of low-skilled, low-education illegal aliens together with a small number of highly-skilled legal immigrants:

Immigrants stand out as some of California’s most notable entrepreneurs - technology giants Google, Sun Microsystems, eBay and Yahoo! are all companies founded or co-founded by immigrants.

What their study does is akin to averaging the net worth of all top executives of high-tech firms based in Redmond and claiming that every such executive is a billionaire, without noting that Bill Gates' net worth might skew the results just a little bit.

And, the study is truly a Bowl Moment. California is temporarily on the rocks, and a good part of the reason is due to massive immigration. One would have to be willfully ignorant not to see the highly deleterious impact that massive immigration has had on California's schools, highways, and general quality of life.

The author of the study is Manuel Pastor, director of the University of Southern California Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration. The four organizations that make up the CIPC are CHIRLA, the National Immigration Law Center, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, and the Services Immigrant Rights Education Network.

The first has allegedly collaborated with the Mexican government, and the second is affiliated with the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Fiscal Policy Institute, NY Daily News mislead about benefits of massive immigration - 11/30/09

The Fiscal Policy Institute has released a new report called "Contribution of Immigrant Workers to the Country's 25 Largest Metropolitan Areas"; it was sponsored by the Carnegie Corporation and a Service Employees International Union local and you can get the PDF at

Matt Richtel /NYT helps Google, Silicon Valley promote H-1B visas - 04/11/09

Matt Richtel of the New York Times offers "A Google Whiz Searches for His Place on Earth" (link), part of that paper's "Remade in America: A series about the newest immigrants and their impact on American institutions". It's a true multimedia edutainment spectacular including audio, a slideshow, and even interactive features.

And, as it happens, our ticky-tack laws and ticky-tack native-borns are getting in the way of what the NYT, Google, and Silicon Valley want. The article's poster immigrant works for Google out of their Toronto office because, while he can get a work visa, his wife cannot. Ricktel uses the trick of allowing him to say what the NYT would like to say:

"Every American I’ve talked to says: ‘Dude, it’s ridiculous that we’re not doing everything we can to keep you in the country. We need people like you!’ ...The people of America get it... And in a matter of time, I think current lawmakers are going to realize how dumb they’re being."

Most of the rest of the four screens are like that, with about seven paragraphs on the final screen given over to the American side of things presented by a representative of the Programmer's Guild and a brief discussion of congressional opposition to increased numbers of visas.

The rest is an ad, including this hilarious/sad bit:

But back in late 2006, maps produced by the service were taking too long to download and appear on phones... Enter Mr. Mavinkurve, who floated an alternative: cut the number of colors in each map section to 20 or 40 from around 256. The user would not see the difference, but the load times would be reduced 20 percent... Mr. Mavinkurve used a rare combination of creativity, analysis, engineering and an understanding of graphics to find a solution that had eluded the rest of the team, said Mark Crady, a manager in the maps group.

Assuming it's described correctly, that is in no way a breakthrough but simply one optimization technique that would occur as a possibility to virtually any experienced programmer. If that and similar are all there is, someone's not exactly being honest.

Rosa Brooks to Pentagon; CFR, Soros; her Darwinistic, anti-American immigration policy; journalism bailout - 04/09/09

Former Los Angeles Times columnist Rosa Brooks is going through the revolving door again, this time to be an advisor at the Defense Department, specifically to Michele Flournoy the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy. There's a lot about her not to like; here's just some of it:

1. She was affiliated with George Soros' Open Society Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations.

2. During the Clinton years, she advised Harold Koh in his previous position at the State Department.

3. In her farewell (for now) column, she advocates for a "government bailout of journalism" (link). In addition to various subsidies, she wants to "[use] tax dollars and [grant] licenses in ways that encourage robust and independent reporting and commentary". Anyone who's older than five knows just how narrowly she'd define "robust". For instance, Lou Dobbs probably wouldn't make the cut, not to mention many others.

4. In June 2007, she offered "How immigrants improve the curve" (link). Discussing all the things wrong with it would take too long, but the first thing wrong is her contention that Americans are fat and lazy and that the only solution is giving us (them from her perspective) the competition of bringing in immigrants, whether legal or not.

The second thing wrong with that column is much more troubling and hopefully she'll be called on it one of these days:

And when it comes to illegal immigrants, just getting here takes astounding courage. Illegal immigrants endure astonishing privation and risk - just for the chance to improve their lot by doing the backbreaking work so few native-born Americans have the inclination to do.

It's rare to find anyone promoting the benefits of illegally journeying to the U.S., which frequently involves crossing a dry and either very hot or very cold desert. What Brooks' statement equates to is a Darwinistic immigration policy, where our southern border serves as a way to filter out those not fit enough to come to the U.S.: they die along the way. According to Rosa Brooks, they wouldn't have made good Americans anyway.

Please go to one of her public appearances or similar and point that out to her on video, then upload her response to video sharing sites.

James Poniewozik: Ugly Americans want to deport Ugly Betty! - 11/29/06

James Poniewozik is Time's TV critic, and he offers a ludicrous slab of pro-illegal immigration propaganda in "Ugly, the American". It's about the 'Ugly Betty' TV show:

...Smart and sweet-hearted, she embodies the Puritan-Shaker-Quaker principle of valuing inner good over outer appearance. She's as Norman Rockwell as a chestnut-stuffed turkey. The actress who plays her is even named America Ferrera.

"Let Their People Come" - 07/03/03

VodkaPundit [1] and HereticalIdeas [2] link to a WSJ editorial about immigration, "Let Their People Come." [3]

The article, as one might suspect, supports immigration. However, no details are given as to whether that includes legal immigration or illegal immigration, what types and levels thereof, etc. The entire editorial could be replaced with the simple statement "immigration good," and Brendan Miniter could have saved himself and his readers a few minutes.