CIPC bogus immigration study: "immigrants" pay their way, more likely to be employed

The California Immigrant Policy Center (see who they are below) has released a new and highly misleading immigration booster study purporting to claim that immigrants in California pay their way and that they're employed at a greater rate than non-immigrants. The second might be true, and in that case that's an argument against massive immigration since some or many are taking jobs that Americans could be doing. You can get the PDF at and an MSM report is here.

Regarding the first, their report is unreliable from the beginning, saying that "43% of California’s immigrants are citizens", despite the fact that immigrant who were naturalized are no longer immigrants, they're citizens and citizens alone. Not only does their definition of "immigrants" include those who are no longer immigrants, but they make no distinction as to status, lumping illegal aliens together with legal immigrants and naturalized citizens. For instance, they lump in a very large number of low-skilled, low-education illegal aliens together with a small number of highly-skilled legal immigrants:

Immigrants stand out as some of California’s most notable entrepreneurs - technology giants Google, Sun Microsystems, eBay and Yahoo! are all companies founded or co-founded by immigrants.

What their study does is akin to averaging the net worth of all top executives of high-tech firms based in Redmond and claiming that every such executive is a billionaire, without noting that Bill Gates' net worth might skew the results just a little bit.

And, the study is truly a Bowl Moment. California is temporarily on the rocks, and a good part of the reason is due to massive immigration. One would have to be willfully ignorant not to see the highly deleterious impact that massive immigration has had on California's schools, highways, and general quality of life.

The author of the study is Manuel Pastor, director of the University of Southern California Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration. The four organizations that make up the CIPC are CHIRLA, the National Immigration Law Center, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, and the Services Immigrant Rights Education Network.

The first has allegedly collaborated with the Mexican government, and the second is affiliated with the American Immigration Lawyers Association.


We've been seeing a lot of these agenda-driven bogus studies, i.e, propaganda, lately and can expect to see more of them. I'm also bet we'll be seeing further bogus push polls from the NYT, LAT etc. that ostensibly show support for pathway "learn English" amnesty.

There is absolutely no need to scrap the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform law (Pub.L. 99-603, 100 Stat. 3359, signed into law by Ronald Reagan. Just enforce the laws already on the books and add new amendments to the Simpson/Mazzoli bill. The law criminalized the act of--KNOWINGLY--hiring an illegal worker and established fines and other penalties for those employing illegal labor. This was approved under the theory that low prospects for employment using restrictions would reduce illegal immigration. But as we have acknowledged for decades, the laws were never intended to halt cheap labor. Never mind the severe consequences to the average working American, who if not skilled must contend in competing with a cut-price foreigner for a job. Even now with 15 million US Americans unemployed, the administrations want to force through an AMNESTY for people who have scorned our laws, disguised as Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Washington in 1986 introduced the I-9-form. to ensure that all employees presented documentary proof of their legal eligibility to accept employment in the United States. But just like most immigration forms, they don't achieve the enforcement needed? The USCIS Form I-94 or I-95 that a individual gives to an Agent when arriving in the United States at a land border port-of-entry or from an airline or ship is a document that is easily compromised. Even though the arrival has been approved by an USCIS inspector to prove that you arrived in the country legally, their is no efficient way to know that person has left the country. It's just like E-Verify currently that has been introduced, it doesn't go far enough. An amendment should be introduced that makes the law MANDATORY, with no business entity slipping through the cracks. Since then the whole system has been corrupted by our own politicians in collusion with certain parasite leaders in the business world. The whole system of legal immigration has become unstable, with far reaching effects on American men and women and those who entered the country legally. The newspapers and other sources have brainwashed with a number of 12 million illegal immigrants in this nation, but this number is far from the truth. The actual number calculated by the financial institution Bear Stearns is somewhere between 20 and 30 million, which accounts for those entering illegally through our sovereign border, and those people who intentionally overstayed their entry visas. The three major components of immigration control--impediment, detainment and deportation--need to be strengthened by Senate-House and the Executive Branch if effective control is ever to be reestablished. As of today this has never happened or even meant to happen. As long as politicians pander to open border organizations and business lobbyists nothing will ever change. We need to amend the 1986 program to end illegal immigration; that means ensuring that people who enter illegally or overstay their lawful st

As of today this has never happened or even meant to happen. As long as politicians pander to open border organizations and business lobbyists nothing will ever change. We need to amend the 1986 program to end illegal immigration; that means ensuring that people who enter illegally or overstay their lawful status will not be able to obtain jobs, public entitlement benefits, public education, public housing, or any other taxpayer-funded benefit without detection. E-Verify can achieve this as it modified for use by state, county and local government. Our government already exacts a toll on the Highly skilled US worker, by importing an average of 1.5 million foreign job seekers annually. EVEN WORSE WITH A MOSTLY LIBERAL SUPREME COURT DENYING UNDER "FREE SPEECH" THAT LOBBYISTS WITH THEIR MONEY CAN CORRUPT OUR GOVERNMENT. THAT EVEN FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS CAN DISTRACT OUR LAWMAKERS WITH MAJOR CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE NO CHANCE TO SURVIVE UNDER THIS CORPORATE ONSLAUGHT. Simply put, lobbyists can spend millions of dollars in advertising for or against politicians, if they don't like the way they voted on issues? This means WALL STREET still runs our government. THE PEOPLE'S ONLY CHANCE IS A MANDATORY LAW, THAT ANY SOURCES OF MONEY MUST BE COMPLETELY OPEN TO PUBLIC VIEWING--WITHOUT ANY OPTION. WE have already seen how our politicians have been manipulated by private enterprise, in slowing down immigration enforcement. Both E-Verify has been compromised with lies, as with the local policing program 287 (G). Even the ICE raids have fallen off somewhat, because of the promise of yet another AMNESTY. It is now up to public opinion to thwart any chance of AMNESTY, as it means another obstacle in the way of survival for American workers and their families. E-Verify is being improved in the coming months, with less irregularities and less need for an American worker to be in competition for jobs. E-Verify is included in the SAVE ACT and must remain fully funded, so that it inhibits illegal workers. Find more answers for your immigration questions at NUMBERSUSA dot com and JUDICIALWATCH dot org. DEMAND NO MORE AMNESTIES, MAKE E-VERIFY PERMANENT , FULLY FUND 287 (G) FOR LOCAL POLICE AND RESUME EXPANDED ICE RAIDS. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and asked for your Senator or Congressman. In addition bombard your State Representatives to enforce state laws. Latest news on illegal Immigration: A report by the Las Vegas Review-Journal found that illegal aliens receiving dialysis treatment were costing the hospital more than $2 million per month. Nevada taxpayers are forced to pay for a treatment. A new study commissioned by the Chicago Urban League and the Alternative Schools Network reveals the negative impacts of illegal immigration on low-skilled American workers, specifically teens and young adults.