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Teaparty fooled again: "Contract from America" has nothing about immigration - 02/18/10

... Reform, the Koch family-linked Heartland Institute, and other no doubt interesting groups. Would Koch Industries and Armey's and Norquist's sponsors have any financial interest in the choices from which the "tea party patriots" are asked to choose? See each of those links for more information to help you determine that. (Note also that another sponsor is TheNextRight).

9/12: Tea Party march on Washington DC live coverage (Glenn Beck, Freedomworks) - 09/12/09

... Koch family (the "Kochtopus"): Heartland Institute and Competitive Enterprise Institute. If you oppose corruption and support our immigration laws, few of the people and groups listed anywhere in this post are your friends. UPDATE 9 (9/13/09): The video here shows a group supposedly from ACORN being ejected from the DC rally. They were selling "Don't tread on me flags" and if the description is...