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Agencia EFE (Spanish news agency)

Agencia EFE is the Spanish national news agency that was involved in this 2006 smear, one that they later retracted.

Last modified Jun 15, 2009
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Rudy Giuliani says amnesty can pass if Mitt Romney wins (immigration reform) - 07/27/12

... in mind that the story is from EFE, which is even less a credible news source than the U.S. establishment media. For the downsides of the comprehensive immigration reform Giuliani says Romney would push, see that link.

Central American countries to present own immigration "reform" plan to U.S.; praise for Gutierrez scheme - 12/22/09

According to EFE (univision.com/contentroot/wirefeeds/inmi/8105754.shtml), next year a group of Central American countries will be presenting their own comprehensive immigration reform plan to the U.S.; the group is trying to get the Mexican government involved too. The date when they'll be introducing their plan isn't known, but it might coincide with a visit by the president of El Salvador....

Harry Reid says there are enough Senate votes for immigration "reform"; offers deportation false choice - 06/15/09

Maria Pena of EFE - the Spanish news agency behind a 2006 smear - offers "Senate Leader Says Immigration Reform Possible This Year" [1]: He added that although (comprehensive immigration reform) does not have the backing of all Democrats, the bill will overcome the obstacles that stymied the failed 2007 reform. The majority leader said he has "no doubt" he could find as many as a dozen...

EFE admits Goldwater "concentration camps" smear - 06/28/06

Spanish news agency EFE has apologized for its smear of Arizona gubanatorial candidate Don Goldwater. It said he wanted to hold illegal aliens in "concentration camps". Now they say: EFE Executive Vice President Emillio Sanchez said a freelance writer for the news agency inaccurately described Goldwater's plan. "Upon further reflection, our investigation has determined that your plan to house...

Don Goldwater's "concentration camps": a setup by illegal immigration supporters - 06/23/06

... state-run Spanish news agency EFE when reporting on his comments. The original article is at efe.es/includesasp/noticias.asp?opcion=4&id=1225615. Their report reads like something from a tabloid TV show that engages in highly selective editing: Proponen campos de concentracion para inmigrantes indocumentados Phoenix (Arizona), 21 jun (EFE).- El aspirante republicano a la gobernacion de...