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Democratic Convention speakers list and immigration - 09/03/12

... Obama ( peekURL.com/vd6YWdQ ) * Deval Patrick - Massachusetts Governor * Nancy Pelosi - House Democratic Leader * Elizabeth Warren - Senate candidate from Massachusetts "fauxcahontas" is just the start: she's fake on policy too. Ask her supporters why she'd drive down wages for lower-skilled American workers. You should do that especially if you *agree* with her stated position on financial...

Is Elizabeth Warren fake? (opposes Secure Communities immigration enforcement) - 09/20/11

... well as Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick. While Warren fans are welcome to stick their heads in the sand, the reason Patrick, the NCLR, and the rest oppose Secure Communities is because they want to obtain political power, even if they enable illegal activity in order to get that power. Illegal aliens as a group confer political power, and if they're legalized they're no doubt going to...

Deval Patrick refuses to join Secure Communities (federal immigration enforcement program, Massachusetts) - 06/06/11

... status of those arrested. Governor Deval Patrick's complaints about the program are the same as others [1]. His office claims the program hasn't focused only on deporting those convicted of serious crimes, and his office also claims that the program might deter some crime reporting. Regarding his complaints, see the notes here. For how this yet again illustrates how comprehensive immigration...

Obama state dinner guests incl. Couric, Brian Williams, GE chairman, DreamWorks, NYT and WaPo reporters... - 11/24/09

... servants: * Bill Richardson * Deval Patrick * San Francisco DA Kamala Harris Other: * Newt Minow * Deepak Chopra * venture capitalist John Doerr * Anita Dunn (of Mao fame) * Greg Craig (who was apparently recently pushed out of his job) * the CEOs of Honeywell and Caterpillar UPDATE: Note that there are many others on the list not mentioned above, including administration officials,...

Why Jeff Jacoby has it wrong on immigration (Boston Globe) - 11/22/09

... identity politics. He then mentions Deval Patrick pushing a state version of the DREAM Act and comes out in favor of that, asking "Why would we want to punish them? Why would we want to punish their kids?" 1. What Jacoby promotes would take college resources from U.S. citizens in order to give them to foreign citizens. While he offhandedly mentions that some would be opposed to giving a "...

Deval Patrick, MIRA release list of 131 immigration demands (Massachusetts Advisory Council) - 11/17/09

... today, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick released a state-sponsored report making recommendations about how to deal with immigration both in that state and in the U.S. as a whole. The report is from "The Governor's Advisory Council for Refugees and Immigrants", which is basically a joint venture between his office and the far-left, illegal immigration-supporting Massachusetts Immigration and...

Get the "Where's My Governor?" interactive Web 3.0 widget - 06/24/09

... Appalachian trial" in Argentina Deval PatrickWriting speeches for Obama Bill RichardsonStill shilling for the OAS Sarah PalinWishing she could "hike the Appalachian trial" with me Rick PerryNot building the TransTexas Corridor Note: the list above is intentionally bad, because I want you to do better in comments.

Obama wants his poor aunt to be deported, doesn't want millions of other illegal aliens to be deported - 11/02/08

[SEE THE SECOND UPDATE] Per this, on tonight and tomorrow night's CBS News, Katie Couric asked Barack Obama whether he would "support [his poor illegal alien aunt] being deported to Kenya". His response: If she is violating laws those laws have to be obeyed. We're a nation of laws.

Heartless Obama throws poor, illegal alien aunt under bus; will return illegal donations; lies about not knowing? - 11/01/08

... any do those in Obama friend Deval Patrick's administration have in any of this? Were any of those people "minding" her? Everyone reading this - not MSM reporters - needs to go out and try to ask Obama some questions about this. We need to find out exactly what Obama knew about this (and when he knew it). And, we need to find out exactly what else he's hiding away until after the election....

Deval Patrick trying to give tuition breaks to illegal aliens; help discredit him - 06/27/08

... (and Barack Obama quote source) Deval Patrick is back to supporting giving the in-state college tuition rate to illegal aliens (link). He considered trying to sneak it through without getting their legislature involved in January. This time around it's part of a larger proposal, the "Readiness Project", and he says: "It makes good sense for us economically, and for me it's just a matter of...

Felipe Calderon Feb. 2008 U.S. visit: Eliot Spitzer, Blagojevich, Schwarzenegger, Villaraigosa, Fabian Nunez - 02/09/08

... he also spoke at Harvard, with Deval Patrick, and with the President of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. In Chicago he met with mayor Richard M. Daley and with Blago. He even met with Jesse Jackson. All that and much, much more here.

Deval Patrick: sneak attempt to give tuition breaks to illegal aliens - 01/10/08

... this: [Massachusetts governor] Deval Patrick said he's researching whether he can take unilateral action to allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at state colleges. ...Patrick, who has long supported the idea, said his legal team is looking into whether the change can be made without approval from the Legislature. House

WFMOJALI: New Haven's John DeStefano to file complaint over ICE raid - 06/12/07

... Hispanic... After other raids, both Deval Patrick and Tom Vilsack said they hadn't received proper notification; both claims were since debunked. No doubt that will be the same in this case: Bruce Chadbourne, field office director for ICE, said officers had permission to enter the homes from those present and acted professionally. He said the agency did notify New Haven police weeks before the...

100+ Hispanic groups send letter supporting illegal immigration, opposing raids - 05/08/07

... account? ...Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick correctly characterized the recent raids as a "humanitarian crisis." ...The time is long overdue for our nation to stop tearing apart these hardworking families and bring about real, comprehensive solutions to our immigration problems... Patrick was shown not to be telling the whole truth in that case, and hopefully the same will happen here....

Michael Bianco Inc. workers invite lawmakers to take tour of plant (PR firm) - 04/03/07

For a bit of levity relating to the New Bedford immigration raid of Michael Bianco Inc. - the plant almost everyone agrees was a sweatshop - I offer this: Eight employees of Michael Bianco Inc., the company raided by federal immigration authorities last month, have invited local politicians to see conditions inside the factory for themselves.

Deval Patrick knew about New Bedford immigration raid in February ("humanitarian crisis") - 03/14/07

... raid, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick ranted against the Feds, claiming that they had caused a "humanitarian crisis" due to the children of illegal aliens involved. In fact, this has become a stock talking point of the usual supporters of illegal immigration, with John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, William Delahunt, and Barney Frank supporting "grieving" illegal aliens. Now, a different picture is...

Deval Patrick rescinds Mitt Romney's DHS partnership agreement - 01/12/07

Massachusetts' new governor, Deval Patrick, has shown himself to be a true Democrat by rescinding an agreement arranged by Mitt Romney with the feds that allowed state troopers to arrest illegal aliens. His alternate plan is to allow officials at two state prisons to determine the immigration status of prisoners and then somehow recommend them for deportation. They would probably need to do that...

Deval Patrick to rescind Mass cooperation on illegal immigration with DHS - 12/22/06

Massachusetts governor-elect Deval Patrick is pledging to rescind Mitt Romney's order that would allow Mass state police to include the possibility that a suspect in another crime was an illegal alien in their investigations. This order would not allow police to detain people just suspected of being illegal aliens or performing similar functions. As previously discussed, Patrick appears to be...

Kerry Healey vs. Deval Patrick on illegal immigration - 10/18/06

From this: [Massachusetts gubanatorial candidate] Lt. Gov.

Blurb battle in Boston (Healey, Patrick, Massachusetts debate) - 09/26/06

On Monday the contenders for governor of Massachusetts "debated" in Boston, and the immigration-related parts of the transcript start here and go on for four more screens.

More Democratic Party sleaze noted - 09/22/06

First, from George Allen comes "Webba