Deval Patrick to rescind Mass cooperation on illegal immigration with DHS

Massachusetts governor-elect Deval Patrick is pledging to rescind Mitt Romney's order that would allow Mass state police to include the possibility that a suspect in another crime was an illegal alien in their investigations. This order would not allow police to detain people just suspected of being illegal aliens or performing similar functions.

As previously discussed, Patrick appears to be little more than a robot pre-programmed with Dem talking points, and he uttered them in this case. Specifically, he doesn't want MA troopers enforcing federal laws: they already have enough to do. Needless to say, neither the NYT (by Katie Zezima; link) nor the Boston Globe (by Andrea Estes; link) called him on those statements, and neither asked him why he thinks that deporting illegal alien criminals would increase rather than decrease the workload of state cops.

However, there is one difference between the nominally-independent papers. The Globe failed to note even more evidence that Patrick has absolutely no clue about the decisions he's making. The NYT notes this quote:

"I also understand the I.N.S. isn't interested in sharing their enforcement powers," he said, referring to the former immigration agency.

"Former", as in "going on four years now".

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Silvestre Reyes knows less about terrorists than many bloggers


That's not saying much, I'd put the blogger knowledge of terrorists quite high, in fact many bloggers are probably terrorists or their spokespersons. On the other hand Reyes should probably be indicted for cronyism in steering border cam contracts to his kids or better yet for treason with Mexico.

What can you expect from a state that has been electing Teddy Kennedy to the US Senate for nearly half a century?