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David Brooks

Pseudo-conservative editorialist for the New York Times, strong supporter of comprehensive immigration reform and illegal immigration. In 2005, I compared him to Tokyo Rose, a statement I now regret as it appears she wasn't as bad as I'd thought.

Last modified Sep 7, 2014
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David Brooks misleads on cause of illegal immigration: it's not our laws (New York Times, Raul Labrador) - 07/07/13

David Brooks of the New York Times appeared on NBC News' Meet the Press earlier today and misled about the reason why there has been so much illegal immigration.

David Brooks: this is the Tea Party Decade (the Idiocracy is nigh) - 01/05/10

David Brooks has an extremely fantastic view of the tea party movement (link): The tea party movement is a large, fractious confederation of Americans who are defined by what they are against. They are against the concentrated power of the educated class. They believe big government, big business, big media and the affluent professionals are merging to form self-serving oligarchy - with bloated government, unsustainable deficits, high taxes and intrusive regulation... Over the course of this year, the tea party movement will probably be transformed. Right now, it is an amateurish movement...

Republicans that Obama administration listens to include McCain, Schwarzenegger, and Mel Martinez (on immigration) - 06/10/09

From our "For What It's Worth" department, Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic offers "The Six Top Republicans Obama Listens To" [1]. He doesn't provide a source for his information, but it could happen. Especially since all those listed are RINOs.

Michael Steele: doublespeak on immigration "reform" and amnesty - 01/30/09

Michael Steele is the new chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC). On tonight's PBS NewsHour, David Brooks said he'll probably avoid "anti-immigrant" talk, and we know what that means: Brooks thinks Steele will support illegal activity. While Steele's exact positions remain to be seen, consider the June 14, 2007 article "Secure the border first" (link). "Securing the border" is generally a dodge, see the link. And, although he was opposed to 2007's comprehensive immigration reform bill, the "first" leaves an opening for some form of amnesty after the border is supposedly secured....

Obama dines with illegal immigration-supporting conservatives David Brooks and ? - 01/13/09

Earlier tonight, Barack Obama went to George Will's house in Chevy Chase, Maryland for a no doubt jovial evening with a few (or more) conservative pundits. Will may or may not have been there, but three known attendees were Fred Barnes (see the update), William Kristol, David Brooks, and Charles Krauthammer (link). FWIW, the Huffington Post assures us that Rush Limbaugh was not there. We have (thankfully) only two entries here involving Krauthammer, both from 2007. The first is good, where he discussed a biased CBS/NYT poll. The second isn't so good; he's a NAU denier. As for Barnes and...

David Brooks pines for Rudy Giuliani's illegal immigration supporting days - 11/23/07

David Brooks offers "The Real Rudy" (link), most of which consists of a series of now-infamous Rudy Giuliani pro-illegal immigration quotes. I half-expected him to try to explain them away, but I wasn't too surprised that he explicitly supports that side of Rudy, calling someone who supported illegal activity "moderate".

David Brooks: liberal bloggers are "semi-nuts" - 02/12/06

Speaking on the Chris Matthews show, the NYT's David Brooks said the following: Whoever the Democratic candidate, that is the weakness of the Democratic party, theyaSpeaking on the Chris Matthews show, the NYT's David Brooks said the following: Whoever the Democratic candidate, that is the weakness of the Democratic party, they’ve got the blogs and the netroots who are semi-nuts and they insist on a Stalinist line of discipline. Obviously, that's completely false. Liberal bloggers are completely nuts.

David Brooks welcomes new, corrupt, Democraticish conservative movement - 10/24/05

America's boboiest pundit emerged from behind his paywall earlier today to offer "The Savior of the Right". It's about... George W. Bush. And, Brooks... is not kidding. ...Bush hasn't abandoned conservatism; he's modernized and saved it... Almost single-handedly, Bush reconnected with the positive and idealistic instincts of middle-class Americans. He did it by recasting conservatism more significantly than anyone had since Ronald Reagan. He rejected the prejudice that the private sector is good and the public sector is bad, and he tried to use government to encourage responsible citizenship...

David Brooks or Tokyo Rose? - 08/18/05

I invite my readers to read the column "Two Steps Toward a Sensible Immigration Policy" from the NYT's David Brooks in a Tokyo Rose accent: What do you say to the working-class guy from the south side of San Antonio? He feels his wages are stagnating because he has to compete against illegal immigrants. He watches thousands of people streaming across the border, bankrupting his schools and health care system, while he plays by the rules... What's he doing in San Antone? That's what I want to know. The system is out of control. That's a stock talking point. I've been keeping track of its use,...