Nicolle Wallace tries rounding up other Republicans for Leader Obama

Over at the Daily Beast, former senior advisor to the McCain campaign and George W Bush employee Nicolle Wallace offers "Republicans Get on Board/Even some former Bush aides are smitten with the new president. Now, will lefties let the GOP inside the tent?" (link). I am fighting very, very hard to avoid screaming out the first appellation that comes to mind. So, I'll just say that she and her friends are simply political opportunists, and the Republican Party could do much worse than to purge their ranks of those who like her have absolutely no principles.

She also says,

"President Obama has the support of roughly 80 percent of Americans. Those numbers include all Democrats and a whole lot of Republicans."

I'd like to know where Nicole Wallace is getting her numbers, because even a CNN poll doesn't support anything like that (link). However, he does have an 81% approval rating in Canada (link), so maybe she just took a wrong turn.


Canuckistanis love Obama!

The reason obama needs so call on former political people from the other side is obama can blame it on the McCains people and the other side. Obama needs to blame it on bush down the road and obama can yell out "I have been betrayed by my advisors", who are still working for the other side and obama can play that game for 4 more years. ITS ALL IN THE GAME.

What's up with McCains daughter? She was such good friends with Sarah Palin but now refuses to even comment on her....Could it be because her Dad is a SKUNK!!!

When only a little over 100 million people vote out of 300 million plus...(not to mention the 30 million Illegals)...How is that a mandate? Most voted for the lesser of two evils, others didn't vote at all recognizing this election was nothing but a farce pitting one liberal against a more leftist liberal.....No, this was no mandate,not by a longshot!

81% approval in Canada, 99.9% among the terrorist of the world. Murder all the Americans you can and never be arrested or hunted down. Quite a change from the past years.

Scrapiron can see facts in front of his or her face, but be careful what you say inside the new obama police state!