"America is ours... This used to be Mexico"

The Vail Daily newspaper offers up "Migrant brings his family to Colorado" (vaildaily . com/article/20050627/NEWS/106270018). It's truly a charming tale of someone who's been working illegally in the U.S. for 13 years, doing the field work that Americans won't do. Now, he's brought his whole family here: wife and four kids. They entered on tourist visas, but they're staying and three of the kids will be going to school. He's going to have to find an additional job to pay for their clothing and books. (He won't, of course, have to find ten or so additional jobs to pay for their schooling.) His illegal status has never been an impediment: he's always found enough documentation to get jobs.

Oh, and it contains this absolutely wonderful bit:
[The illegal alien] said it doesn't bother him when people call for him and other illegal immigrants to return to Mexico.

"It doesn't bother me because America is ours," said Dominguez in Spanish. "This used to be Mexico ... I don't feel bad at all."
Just another one of George Bush's "kind-hearted people".

Meanwhile, American citizens have little recourse against those - dare we call them - traitors who are hellbent on stocking this country with Mexican citizens who hold such views. In case you think the "migrant's" views are unique, see this: 58% of Mexicans AGREED with this question: "the territory of the United States' Southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico."

No doubt the corrupt apologists will now say that the "migrant's" children will not think the same as he does and they'll assimilate just fine. But, there's a good chance that will be wrong. Why needlessly take the risk? From a non-corrupt, American perspective, isn't it better to import people who don't think of our country as their homeland, or, even better, simply use machines whenever possible to do such jobs?


Jesus Christ, Lonewacko...you are such a drag. I haven't seen such a combination of arrogance and stupidity since the heyday of Moe Howard.

Facilitating hostile immigration with public funds is traitorous indeed. Perhaps this is what traitors in the administraion mean by such foreign criminals being good at heart, maybe they have the 'good' aztec heart that wouldn't scruple to eat yours, and call it a sacrament even.

The his man feels is willing to talk about it with the press, bring his family here and walk down the street without fear of being deported.