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Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick mislead, promote bad immigration policy - 01/25/13

... driver of immigration policy is "chain migration." Since the 1960s, the vast majority of legal immigrants have come pursuant to a very broad definition of "family reunification"—which includes not only spouses and minor children but parents and siblings. Family preferences account for two-thirds of all legal immigrants, crowding out work-based immigration and placing increased pressure on social...

Mitt Romney wimps out on immigration, again (Univision, "our system isn't to deport people") - 09/20/12

... plans faster. * Romney supported chain migration. He wants that to be "the favored system for immigration". * He supported a guest workers program. * He used the tired line about "staple the green card to their diploma". He's used that at least twice before: here and here. See skilled immigration for the downsides of that and related plans. * He supported Marco Rubio's version of the DREAM Act...

Mitt Romney NALEO speech: ever weaker on immigration (chain green cards, comprehensive reform, guest workers) - 06/21/12

... being together. That's a form of chain migration, and the first part could be implied to supporting the "Pelosi rule"; see that link. Fiscal conservatives might want to evaluate the costs associated with such a policy, as well as all the fraud that will no doubt result. 8. Then: Immigration reform is not just a moral imperative, but an economic necessity as well. Immigrants with advanced degrees...

Janet Napolitano falsely says she needs immigration "reform" to do her job; says border more secure; sounds like Chertoff - 11/13/09

... floor page. She also supported chain migration, saying that "Community and faith leaders have also emphasized to me that we need reform because of how difficult the current laws can be on families, especially families of mixed legal status. Our immigration system is outdated where families are concerned, and we need to modernize and streamline the laws governing this process." And, she supported...

Harry Reid says want immigration "reform" this year; NCLR, MALDEF; business-friendly guest worker plan; promotes unrealistic chain migration - 06/04/09

... practical." He's not only promoting chain migration, he's doing so in a completely unrealistic fashion. Any form of legalization would either have a very delitirious impact on those "prospective immigrants" or would result in thousands of criminals and even some terrorists being legalized. See the immigration line summary for the details.

Walter Ewing /IPC: massive immigration is great! (note: assumes we're a completely different country and more like Europe) - 06/02/09

The Immigration Policy Center offers a mini-study (written by Walter Ewing) called "Fuzzy Math: The Anti-Immigration Arguments of NumbersUSA Don’t Add Up" (http://immigrationpolicy.org/index.php?content=fc060209): According to the anti-immigration group NumbersUSA, immigration to the United States is all about arithmetic: immigration increases the U.S. population, and more people presumably means...

Kirsten Gillibrand: "family reunification is a core value of America" - 02/14/09

... value of America". In fact, such chain migration has only been a core part of our laws since around 1965 (link). She also continues to think she could solve the eight year legal immigration backlog in six months; see this and this. The rest of her statement could have been made by any other amnesty-supporting puppet and is included below.

Flashback to 1993, when Harry Reid was an American - 04/05/06

Nowadays, Harry Reid supports illegal immigration, even when he ends up greatly harming American citizens and assisting Bush, connected contractors, and the government of Mexico in the process. (See also this, this, this and this about an Abramoff connection). However, Drudge reminds us that it wasn't always so. A 1993 press release from the Senator is in the extended entry. FLASHBACK: Dem...