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Bob Dutton (California state senator)

You might recall California state senator Bob Dutton from his wacky 2007 plan to give everyone born in California $500. He later backed away from that plan, but the fact that he'd affix his name to it in the first place isn't a good sign.

While I haven't done extensive research into what Dutton supports in relation to immigration, he seems to be a slightly mixed bag. Per this he would "[e]liminate the requirement that health care facilities must provide non-emergency medical assistance to illegal immigrants." And, per this, he said "We should never be giving benefits to people in this country illegally."

And, on a video of a floor speech ( peekURL.com/vCeWjcP ) he comes out against the California DREAM Act (note: not the same as the national version). That's a good thing, but he appears to be more invested in the cost of the program rather than having an ideological opposition to what the bill would do: let illegal aliens deprive some citizens of college. He also says he "appreciates the sincerity on the part of my colleague", referring to the bill's sponsor Gil Cedillo. Obviously, Dutton has to be polite, but there must be a polite way to point out that Cedillo frequently acts more like a paid agent of the Mexican government than a California legislator. Dutton also points out that some of those who'd receive benefits under the program might not be able to find work due to their status, and refers to them as "immigrants" instead of what they are: illegal aliens.

Obviously, Dutton is far better than those like Cedillo, but he's certainly not 100% on the immigration issue.

Last modified May 21, 2011
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