Dr. Richard Land supports Obama's anti-American DREAM Act (Southern Baptist Convention)

Dr. Richard Land - a top leader of the Southern Baptist Convention - announced his support for Obama's anti-American DREAM Act, telling ThinkProgress [1]:

They haven’t done anything wrong. In order to get amnesty, you’ve got to have done something wrong. These young people are innocent. They haven’t done anything wrong. To me, this is the low-lying fruit of immigration reform. This ought to be something we can all unite around. They have to have been under 16 when they got here, they got to be under 30. He’s not granting citizenship, he’s granting a pathway to legal status. He’s making it so they’re protected from being deported and they can get on with their lives and their education with serving in the military. Investing themselves in our nation and our nation’s future. Who can be against that? ...[what do you say to those who say it's amnesty] They need a course in remedial English. It’s not amnesty... I would say to the Romney campaign, this is the right thing to do. You should applaud the president for doing the right thing and encourage Congress to follow up by codifying it into law.

For the reasons listed and linked on the DREAM Act page, this is not at all the right thing to do.

Whether those who'd be covered by Obama's action may or may not have "done something wrong" is an open question. In many cases, they'll have known they were here illegally for years yet not have done anything about it. In some or many cases, they may have used fraudulent documents or similar to enroll in school, get public benefits, or find work.

The issue of calling something "amnesty" is discussed on the reform not amnesty page. Calling what Obama did today "amnesty" in anything but an informal sense plays into the hands of those like Land.

The "granting citizenship, he’s granting a pathway to legal status" part is a bit Orwellian: everyone knows that the Democratic Party wants new voters and lots of them. Those covered by Obama's action might just have a "pathway to legal status" today, but rest assured that the Democrats and affiliated groups will work night and day to put them on the "path to citizenship". Can't Richard Land figure that out, or is he just trying to fool his followers?

Land probably realizes that by "[i]nvesting themselves in our nation", those illegal aliens who'd be covered by Obama's action will not be investing themselves in the futures of their own countries. Mexico and other Third World countries need all the smart people they can get, Land would deprive struggling Third World countries of the people they need and hide it behind a smokescreen of false compassion.

If you're a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, try to engage Land in debate using the questions on the DREAM Act page linked above. Then, upload audio or video of that to video sharing sites.

[1] thinkprogress . org/election/2012/06/15/