Powerline promotes amnesty, even as it realizes Democrats will always undercut the GOP (Paul Mirengoff)

Paul Mirengoff of Powerline supports comprehensive immigration reform ("amnesty"), even as even he realizes that no matter how weak the GOP gets on immigration the Democratic Party will always be able to underbid them.

From peekURL.com/zLkhPwe (bolding added):

...The approach Krauthammer recommends would entail full legal normalization, just short of citizenship, in return for full border enforcement.

I have no strong objection to such a resolution of the immigration reform debate. But as a practical matter, it would not constitute a resolution. The Democrats would still insist on a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants now in the country. Even if Republicans agreed to everything short of such a path, the Democrats would still be able to tar them as the anti-immigrant Party.

This illustrates the broader problem Republicans face in courting the Hispanic vote. There will always be something else - some extra benefit - that the Democrats seek on behalf of Hispanics and that conservatives are loath to grant. If Republicans resist the demand, they will stay on the wrong side of Hispanics; if they agree, they will become less and less of a conservative Party.

When even PowerlineBlog realizes the above, you know the GOP leadership has to also realize it too.

Yet, despite that realization, Mirengoff goes on to support amnesty as outlined by Krauthammer, saying it "makes good sense".