Do Obama's birth announcements prove he was born in Hawaii? (Honolulu Advertiser newspaper)

Shortly after Barack Obama was born, two identical announcements appeared in Hawaiian newspapers announcing his birth. The announcements do not prove he was born there, for the reasons outlined below.

(Unfortunately, since many witting or unwitting fans of Obama and the mainstream media are hard of thinking, I'll have to put this in bold up front: that doesn't mean he wasn't born there; that just means that the announcements aren't proof).

The announcements are simply evidence; they aren't conclusive proof and as evidence they aren't as strong as Obama supporters and the MSM would have you believe. Obama's supporters - witting or unwitting - are as usual intellectually dishonest and engaging in sloppy thinking or they're attempting to mislead people.

* What the announcements say

This is all both say:

Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy., son, Aug. 4

The address given is supposedly that of his parents. Per WorldNetDaily, an investigator's team were unable to locate anyone who remembered them living there [1].

In both papers, the other names listed are the same and in the same order. This site checked some of the other names against the Social Security file and found some that didn't match; that may have an innocent explanation such as people moving and not updating their files at the time and so on.

* What the announcements don't say
* The city where Obama was born...
* the hospital where he was born...
* they don't even have his name.

If the announcements said he was born in Hawaii, and it could be shown that only a birth hospital could have placed the announcements, that would certainly be nearly conclusive evidence. However, the proof that Obama supporters are using doesn't even say where he was born.

* Was there motivation to "plant" the announcements?
The canard section below discusses those who've tried to pretend that the only reason someone could have "planted" the announcements was in case Obama would run for president. Yet, there are other reasons: assuming for the minute that Obama was born overseas, the grandparents might have wanted the announcements as keepsakes, or to prove that Obama was born in the U.S. in case of a custody battle, or to prove that he was born in the U.S. because U.S. citizenship is very valuable. For the Obama supporters: that doesn't mean that they were planted. That just means it's a possibility. If he were born overseas his family did have motivation to try to pretend that he was born in the U.S.

* How were announcements handled in 1961?
No one has yet provided definitive proof that the pictured birth announcements could have only come from a birth hospital and nowhere else. The fact that both papers show the same names in the same order shows beyond much doubt that they came from one source. It's not outside the realm of possibility to imagine someone from Obama's family submitting an announcement, using "social engineering" as necessary. Exactly how much proof would have been required simply to place an ad in the newspaper?

* Who lived at the listed address?
As discussed here, the address in the announcements appears to have been rented by Obama's grandparents, with Stanley possibly living in the back house. Obama Sr. rented his own apartment miles away.

* The "time travel" canard
This has been used by FactCheck and many other sources; they try to pretend that the only reason the announcements could have been planted was because his relatives thought he might run for president one day. As detailed above, his relatives had other, much more mundane motivations. Using this canard marks someone as dishonest.

More to follow...

[1] "Investigator casts doubt on Obama's birth residence/Neighbor believes family didn't live at address in newspaper announcement", link


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The Birth Notices were most likely picked up by the papers in the same manner papers pick up news on police blotters, deaths, marriages, divorces, etc.; the papers go to the appropriate government agency on a regular basis and merely copy what that agency has newly-listed since the reporter was last there. So, do the notices PROVE Obama was born in HI? No. But they do lead to the conclusion that the birth certificate on file was filed on or about the date he was born, -in a timely and appropriate manner. It almost certainly was not somehow ‘slipped into the records’ months or years later. Nor could the Notices have been forged; they exist in several disparate archival locations where the material has been stored for years, long before Obama became a newsworthy item. And they are stored in microfiche format; photographic film copies where no new information could be ‘inserted’ into the record at some later post-production date. This issue could be better debated if people were able to separate their dislike of Obama from the issue of whether he is a natural born US citizen. The two matters are completely separate and neither has any influence on the other whatsoever in any way. Despising the man for his ideology or agenda has NOTHING to do with whether he’s a US citizen. The opposite is also true; adoring the man has no effect on whether he’s a US citizen either. Those items are matters of personal choice and opinion. The issue of whether Obama is -or is not- a US citizen is a factual one, and should be decided on the merits of the evidence and the quality of that evidence –and on that basis alone.

The idea that his citizenship would be determined solely by place of birth is false. Children born to citizen parents even when born overseas are American citizens by parentage. There is a well established procedure for such children's birth documents to be presented to an American Consulate to have their citizenship recognized and to have them added to their American citizen parent's passport.