Obama administration briefs Bilderberg group on foreign and economic policy

No, really. Bilderberg - a group that just a few short years ago was presented by the MSM as a tinfoil hat topic - has gone mainstream. Kenneth Vogel of the Politico - seen here "debunking" some "myths" in order to assist the Barack Obama campaign - offers "Obama officials gave Bilderberg briefings" (politico.com/news/stories/0509/22957.html):

A handful of high-ranking Obama administration officials this month delivered private briefings at the annual invitation-only conference held by an elite international organization known as the Bilderberg group.

The closed meeting of some of the most powerful business, media and political leaders in North America and Western Europe heard from top Obama diplomats James Steinberg and Richard Holbrooke, who detailed the administration’s foreign policy, while economic adviser Paul Volcker, chairman of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, also gave a presentation at the heavily guarded seaside resort in Greece that hosted the event...

...But any suggestion that Bilderberg is secretly anointing world leaders or plotting global policy is the provenance of “the black helicopter crowd,” the attendee of this year’s conference told POLITICO...

In five years they'll probably be using hacks like Vogel to say the opposite.


_a group that just a few short years ago was presented by the MSM as a tinfoil hat topic_ That was when Republicans were involved. With His Obamaness it's different.

Well I did't eh and you have just got the word? This little group has owned all the so called presidents for well over 50 years. The guy who stated it was a SS Officer in the nazi intell group that knew what he was doing to take down the USA and this SS Guy got has ordereds from old Hilter to take us down in the coming years after world war two and he loved old hitler So whats new the sad fact is most people are so PC( part of the planned attack on freedom ) It will get what the bitchs want most of all your freedoms your jobs and the end game is your life. Obama is nothing but a little black bitch being used and face facts most black with education are in fact just stupid people who the government what's to place in power and who is that government? that got to be your question. this nation is totally doomed the thing you need to be asking is how can i save my little ones my wife and my own life? and can i save something of freedom and justice and the American way? the answer is inside of each of us who love life and freedom and the American way of duty to each other and duty to the laws of a culture of right against this monkey world we now live in.