1-800-CORRUPT-GOVERNMENT: Mexico launches help line for illegal aliens in Arizona

David Schwartz of Reuters offers "Mexico opens help line for migrants to Arizona" (link), informing us that the Mexican government has created a new "help line" in Arizona for use by illegal aliens. For those new to this issue, a foreign government is enabling illegal activity inside the U.S., and they're doing it because all of their citizens that they've sent us send home money (remittances). The article was edited by Tim Gaynor and another Reuters hack, and shows the to-be-expected bias in favor of illegal activity. From the article:
The Mexican government has opened a special call center in Arizona to provide a sympathetic ear for citizens caught up in crackdown on illegal immigration in the desert state.

Officials at the Mexican consulate in Tucson said they opened the center last week. It is available 24-hours-a-day to field complaints from Mexican nationals about their treatment in the border state...

"We want to offer a human voice at the other end of the line, so they can feel protected and know that someone is here for them," Alejandro Ramos, head of the consulate's Department of Protection, told Reuters.
Note also that the article was written in a way friendly to the Mexican government's agenda; it was edited by Tim Gaynor and Anthony Boadle, Gaynor isn't known for supporting the agendas of either the U.S. or good journalism.

Perhaps his involvement partly explains why the article refers to Arizona as a place "where as many as half a million illegal immigrants live and work in the shadows" as well as this highly misleading bit:
Feelings run high about illegal immigration in the United States, where an estimated 12 million undocumented workers and their children hide from authorities.
The vast majority of llegal aliens aren't hiding; they're constantly being given benefits by corrupt politicians and just a couple years ago hundreds of thousands of them marched through out streets in a show of force.
After the U.S. government failed to pass legislation overhauling immigration laws last year, many U.S. states and some local authorities have acted to clamp down on illegal immigrants, including Arizona, which passed a law to block the hiring of illegal workers... Ramos said that these and other anti-immigrant measures are responsible for a hike in the number of calls to the five Arizona consulates...
That's a highly misleading paragraph that many who aren't familiar with this issue will miss. It implies that comprehensive immigration reform was designed to solve illegal immigration, when all it would have done is led to more of it. The response from localities was mostly motivated by an interest in preventing the impacts of CIR; it was a response to CIR being pushed and not a response to CIR failing.

And, of course, laws against illegal immigration are not "anti immigrant".


Can Americans or X Americans get a help line? after all we are on the way out the door with a government being ran by our enemies. "oh yes", will the drug government of mexico start to attack the former usa? if we say anything terrible about mexico and the head drug dealers running that third world hell of jumping monkeys?