Elvira Arellano gets hero's welcome in Mexico

I'm not entirely willing to take the Los Angeles Times' word for it, but the recently-deported Elvira Arellano may have been given a rousing welcome in Mexico. A good portion of that country has no respect for our immigration laws, thinking like her that they have a right to immigrate here under any circumstances. And, 58% think the U.S. southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico. Obvious to many outside the Beltway, that's an extremely dangerous situation. Is it good public policy to allow people who think like Arellano to come here?
...rarely has Tijuana welcomed a deported immigrant the way it has embraced Arellano this week.

Since Arellano was arrested in Los Angeles and returned to Mexico she's engaged in a whirlwind of public appearances where she's been heralded as a hero for defying U.S. authorities by taking sanctuary in a church.

...in Mexico, Arellano's experience is portrayed as a story of principled resistance, of a woman who fought before becoming one of the thousands of illegal immigrants who file sadly back into this border metropolis every year.

"You've become the voice of all the Elviras in the U.S.," said Heriberto Garcia, of Mexico's National Commission on Human Rights, an independent organization...

...Callers to talk shows pledged their support. She has been invited to meet with federal lawmakers in Mexico City today.

"Elvira unites Latinos behind her," blared a headline from the Frontera newspaper.

...Mexican media were falling over themselves giving her the spotlight, which they believed she richly deserved...