Pro-illegal immigration performance art (funding by Bank of America and Wells Fargo)

Observe, if you will, this picture:

Here's the explanation:
Families affected by a series of federal immigration raids this month spoke out in San Rafael on Tuesday at a news conference that showcased them as silhouetted subjects shrouded behind a privacy screen.

Hosted by Canal Alliance at a building adjacent to its headquarters on Larkspur Street, the bizarre question-and-answer session - featuring men, women and children assigned pseudonyms - was aimed at telling their stories while hiding their identities to protect them from possible deportation, organizers said...
Those "in the shadows" also made various claims, such as a supposed 14-year-old claiming he'd been punched in the jaw by a "law enforcement officer assisting in the raids".

I don't know whether these people were actually illegal aliens, or were just far-lefties pretending to be same. I wouldn't be surprised if one or many of them were in the latter category. After all, it could happen, and that's all that matters, right?

I note also that Canal Alliance's "Corporate Partners" ( include Bank of America and Wells Fargo, two banks that seek to indirectly profit from the fruits of illegal activity.