Mexican consul: Mexicans have "issues that make us not look very good"

The new Mexican consul general for Dallas, Juan Carlos Cue-Vega, thinks Mexicans need an image makeover (link). He says:

"Frankly, we have spoken about the issues that make us not look very good, like celebrations using guns, littering, [being] noisy in the neighborhoods, leaving the kids at home while going to work. These are social and cultural things that we need to change." ... The vast majority of Mexican immigrants are hard workers lured here by jobs, he says, but they don't always think about the responsibilities and behavioral changes that U.S. residency involves. "We have to educate our people ... to respect the law."

Apparently Felipe Calderon shares his concerns. The consul is touring the local community centers making his case.


Oh really, respect the law? What a laugh as that really means respecting the laws that they believe to be legitimate. What about teaching "their people" about respecting our immigration laws and national policies? This they will not do!

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