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Jordan Sekulow
Washington, DC
attorney, radio show host
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.@JordanSekulow: you're capable of doing both. Please explain why you won't do what you can.
.@JordanSekulow: on 6/26/12 I suggested you "cross-examine" Obama underlings over amnesty. On 11/21/14 I sent you
.@sdv92 @pmatas: I've tweeted @JordanSekulow 2x about how to actually stop amnesty the smart way: No response. #tcot
.@sdv92 @pmatas: some "stop amnesty" petitions are just scams to get email addresses: Cruz's, ACLJ's, Santorum's, etc. @JordanSekulow #tcot
.@JordanSekulow: I didn't hear back from you. Are you going to help the only smart plan to stop amnesty: ? Yes or no.
.@JordanSekulow: this is the smart, lawyerly way to stop amnesty: Everything else failed. Will you make that happen?
.@JordanSekulow: how YourRepublicanUncle misleads about #immigration: Help me use that to discredit them. #tcot
@JordanSekulow: you're a lawyer, go out and "cross examine" Obama underlings on *policy* on video for Youtube. #SB1070 #tcot #OWS #sgp #ocra
@JordanSekulow: #SB1070 is finished. Time to do things the smart way: #teaparty #tcot #OWS #sgp #tpp
@JordanSekulow: now, here's a detailed analysis of Mitt Romney's #immigration speech from the American POV: #tcot
@jordansekulow: in the #GOPDebate, America lost. Want a *tested* president? Support *real* debates: #tcot #tlot
@JordanSekulow: claim Loughner wasn't political is *two years out of date*, pre-dates #teaparty antics: #tlot #p2