Max Blumenthal smears tea parties in "Teabagger Tour" video

Low-wattage smear artist Max Blumenthal offers what he calls "The Unauthorized 9.12 Teabagger Tour", video attached (note the nice Euro touch in the date). I haven't yet watched it, but I'm going to guess that he's cherry-picked the more extreme attendees of the 9/12 Washington DC rally rather than trying to offer some sort of counter-argument to their more valid points; that's what people like him do.

Note also one of the screens (of course) plays the race card, referring to "Lifestyles of the White & Suggestible".

In the description, he says "do they know they're pawns in the game of healthcare industry front man Dick Armey" (of FreedomWorks). As can be seen by his name's link, I'm not a big fan of Baby Max. At the same time, as can be seen at the DC link above and in the main tea parties coverage I'm not much of a fan of them either. However, what Blumenthal will never discuss is that when it comes to immigration, both he and Armey are on the same general side. It's also worth noting that the tea party organizers will probably have no defense against videos like this; many of them will probably have never have heard of him before, and if they even try to counter the video they won't do a good job of it.

The Unauthorized 9.12 Teabagger Tour


So, I guess you won't be buying his new book _Republican Gomorrah? [1] _


the only way back to a real nation state with laws and justice at this point is a river of blood and people at tea parties only want money not justcie or right of laws, my people did it fact do the real tea party back when we understood that fact against a government of nuts. so face facts this nation is doomed to become a third world monkey state.

Actually, I've found Tricky Prickears' link to be an invaluable resource over the years.