Mark Weisenmiller/AFP's story about illegal aliens being robbed: planted to help banks?

Mark Weisenmiller of the Agence France Presse (AFP) offers "Hispanic illegal immigrants hit by wave of robberies in US" (link). It appears to be a planted story designed to help banks profit from illegal immigration, but we'll never know exactly why it's being offered now:
Thieves are increasingly targeting Hispanic illegal immigrants who are reluctant to report robberies to the police for fear of deportation, US activists and law enforcement agencies say.

...But advocate groups and police departments are trying to spread the word that illegal immigrants will not face deportation if they report a crime.

...To combat the problem, authorities in Austin, Texas sought help from local banks to enable more immigrant workers to open up accounts.
There's, of course, a bit more to it than that. The Austin Police Department partnered with the Mexican government, and the APD Chief later got an award from that government. Wells Fargo and the Texas Secretary of State were also involved, and all in a crooked scheme to profit from illegal activity while hiding behind an attempt to prevent crime.

In addition to Brian Miller of the Austin PD and Elizabeth Watts of the Clearwater Florida PD, others quoted are Margarita Romo of Florida's Farmworkers Self Help and Cheryl Little of the Florida Immigration Advocacy Center.

If you're in Florida or another southern state, watch out for a push by banks to profit from illegal activity.


"Yes Kids", the obama boys are going to do lots of planted stories, its part of the dismantlement of our so called country. soon the stories will be about white terrorists attacking poor and hard working hispanic/people of the world who only want love and justice and who hate racists and need to live as one with the people of the world!!!! Obama and his boys will love you into the mass grave of love and understanding for all, have fun in the new world hell.

As we all know by now being in the US illegally is not supposed to have any consequences at all -- you can get a job, free medical care at the nearest emergency room, an education for your kids, and you should be able to report yourself being the victim of a crime without having to worry about something absurd like immigration law actually being enforced. So regarding this story: What's the problem?