Mark Levin wimps out on Marco Rubio's amnesty

Radio host Mark Levin is potentially a supporter of Marco Rubio's plan to legalize millions of illegal aliens. You need to help make sure that Levin opposes amnesty.

The audio below is from an interview Levin did with Rubio on January 23, 2012. After several minutes of Rubio saying nothing new regarding his amnesty plan, Levin finally chimes in around the 8 minute mark:

"This is very fascinating to me. I'm going to take a much closer look at this. I'm going to try to keep an open mind about it because I'm pretty fed up with what's going on in these border towns and border states... one wants to talk about the crime that's coming into this country."

That's followed by Rubio hinting at the busboys canard and Levin not asking him any significant questions whatsoever.

Please compare all the things Levin didn't answer to all of the information presented on the Marco Rubio page. Levin just completely, absolutely folded, not bothering to ask him even setup questions that Rubio has no doubt answered many times before.

If you get a chance, please call in to the Mark Levin show and ask him some of the questions here. Ask him the answers to those questions, and ask him why he didn't ask Rubio those questions.

Turning Levin against Rubio would be a step towards blocking amnesty, but it's not going to happen unless Levin feels that his career will suffer by supporting or being neutral on Rubio's amnesty.

Also: do a search for those who contact Levin via @marklevinshow, and send them the link to this page. Ask them to call in and urge Levin to oppose any form of legalization of illegal aliens but to support attrition instead.

UPDATE: The first video is much shorter and just has the parts where Mark Levin wimps out. Please share the first with his supporters:

UPDATE 2: On his January 24, 2013 show (, around the 30 minute mark ), Levin said:

[mimicking a critic] 'Oh Mark, your interview of Marco Rubio yesterday was so soft'

Marco Rubio wanted to present his plan on the program, and I let him do it. I haven't even studied his plan. Which I have now and I will study. But there are no plans unless we secure the border... [we must eliminate chain migration]..."

Rubio's plan is similar to all the other amnesty plans: they don't differ by that much. Either you want to legalize most illegal aliens, or you don't. That doesn't require a great deal of study. My opinion - and I might be wrong, but I've been posting about immigration here for over a decade - is that Levin isn't as bad as others, but that he might still try to sell his audience on supporting some form of mass legalization program as long as there's a strong border security component.

In order to help block amnesty, it would be helpful to turn Levin completely against it and to get him to spend time opposing it on most of his shows. The only way to ensure that is to do what's described above: call into his show and bust his chops on not calling Rubio on the absurd things he was saying.