Kelly Cobiella agitates for illegal immigration (illegal aliens "flee" Arizona over new law)

Kelly Cobiella of CBS News offers "Immigrant Families Leave Arizona, Fearing Law/At Least 100,000 Illegal Immigrants Flee the State Fearing Legislation; Some Citizens Angered by Financial Impact" ( It's a hardly-subtle attempt to pull heartstrings in support of massive illegal activity and in opposition to the new Arizona immigration law.

And, it's obviously not that accurate either: the 100,000 drop is from 2008 to 2009, both of which even the greenest editor should have noticed are before the law was signed. Some of those may have left due to Americans in Arizona deciding to take previous action against illegal immigration, but the only way Cobiella can make people think what she wants them to think is by finding one (1) family that decided to leave, and one (1) landlord whose business - which apparently includes renting to those he now knows to be here illegally - is suffering.

And, the sympathetic victim that CBS chose to promote their agenda? A married couple who've been here illegally for fifteen years. Only the wife appears on camera and she only speaks in Spanish, whether she understands and is able to speak English or not. And, they have 10 U.S. citizen children. Assuming they're all in public schools, that represents an expenditure by Arizona of over $77,000 per year [1]. They're moving to Colorado; the corresponding expenditure by that state is even higher, just shy of $100,000.

UPDATE: Video added.

[1] "Total and current expenditures per pupil in fall enrollment in public elementary and secondary education, by function and state or jurisdiction: 2005–06",