Jon Huntsman would still help illegal aliens take college educations from Americans (immigration, George Stephanopoulos)

George Stephanopoulos interviewed potential presidential candidate Jon Huntsman yesterday; a transcript is here and the quotes are at [1]. In the interview [2], Huntsman doesn't back down from his previous support for giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens.

As discussed in greater depth on the DREAM Act page, that would allow those illegal aliens to take college educations away from Americans. Whether Huntsman supports the (national) DREAM Act or just state-only versions isn't known; in either case Huntsman would hurt Americans in order to help citizens of other countries.

The pro-American solution would be to encourage illegal aliens to return home via attrition. That would free up college educations and discounts for Americans at the same time as helping the foreign countries from which those illegal aliens came. It would also discourage future illegal immigration.

Huntsman's plan would deprive some citizens of college, would help further braindrain struggling foreign countries, and would encourage more illegal immigration.


George Stephanopoulos: On civil unions and on immigration, no walking away from your past positions?

Jon Huntsman: No. No. I think, in the case of civil unions, I think it's a fairness issue. I believe in traditional marriage. But subordinate to that, I think we probably can do a better job when it comes to fairness and equality. And I don't believe in penalizing the younger generation coming across our borders who have no say whatsoever over their journey and destiny.

They want to integrate into the American system. If they're willing what needs to do be done and work hard, then I think if we're giving them an in-house tuition break, that integrates them into the system, and makes them part of ultimately contributing to our country.

[2] Needless to say, George Stephanopoulos only asked Huntsman horserace and other light questions and didn't call Huntsman on supporting depriving some citizens of college. Stephanopoulos - probably in an attempt to mislead - referred to "the children of illegal immigrants be able to pay in-state tuition in your state". In fact, the bill Huntsman supported was for those who are themselves illegal aliens, irrespective of the status of their parents.