John Harris of Politico protects Obama from the stories he doesn't want told

Apparently attempting to reach a Joe Klein level of sycophancy and faux-insider chatter, John Harris of The Politico offers "7 stories Barack Obama doesn't want told" ( Except, none of them are all that damaging, and other stories - the ones that sources like the Politico and the MSM would never challenge Obama over - could be far more damaging.

For instance, two of his stories are "Too much Leonard Nimoy" (i.e., that Obama is too much like Spock) and "He’s a pushover". Perhaps Harris should try his hand at writing Simpsons episodes: "Mr. Burns, if you have a fault it's that you're too humble."

Another of Harris' stories involves the "Chicago Way": "[the] rap is that his West Wing is dominated by brass-knuckled pols." The problems go much, much deeper than that, and that "Way" isn't just about tough politics, it's also about endemic corruption. Harris doesn't say a word about that, and don't expect the MSM to do it either.

The others involve Nancy Pelosi being seem as having achieved more, his profligate spending, his lack of U.S. boosterism, and that "[h]e’s in love with the man in the mirror".

None of those are all that damaging, and all illustrate just how absolutely corrupted the MSM and sources like Politico are. None are capable of holding the Obama administration accountable or asking them tough questions about their policies. Unfortunately, the largely incompetent leaders of the supposed opposition to Obama aren't capable of or are unwilling to pick up the slack.