Jazz Shaw of HotAir cheers Donald Trump's pro-amnesty pick for OMB

Donald Trump has picked the pro-amnesty Mick Mulvaney to be his director of the OMB.

At HotAir, Jazz Shaw positively gushes over the choice [1]:

This is the person who will be steering the budget proposal negotiations for Trump and if you were hoping for a budget cutting, small government conservative in that slot, you probably won't do much better than Congressman Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina... For those still fretting over how much Trump may honor the wishes of the conservatives who make up his base - particularly the fiscal conservatives - it's hard to see any of us being too upset about this pick. Mulvaney is an original Freedom Caucus guy and has proven to be a thorn in the side of the GOP establishment on a range of matters since first being elected back during the 2010 wave. Keep in mind that in the days leading up to the election there was a lot of talk of throwing Paul Ryan off his perch over some of his less than "pro-Trump" comments. This is the same guy who was telling Politico at that time that he might have to help take out Ryan as Speaker because the base would want to "take a scalp" in retribution.

Jazz Shaw doesn't reveal that Mulvaney is a strong amnesty advocate. Expect HotAir contributors to be among those helping Trump when he begins his own push for amnesty, using the same techniques as Mulvaney such as scaremongering the Hispanic vote.

[1] From "Mulvaney to OMB is another Trump pick to ease the nerves of jittery conservatives"
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