Jan Schakowsky: tea parties are "despicable". Here's how to affect her political career

A few days ago, Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois said that the tea parties are "despicable" and "shameful." Now, Glenn Reynolds informs us (pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/76900) that she'll be making an appearance at the Peoria County Democratic Women's May Day Dinner on May 3 (link), saying:

I WONDER IF ANY “TEA PARTY” PROTESTERS WILL SHOW UP?... There were 3,000 Tea Party protesters in Peoria. They might take exception to her calling them despicable and shameful.

If you'd like to do something about this, there are two basic ways to do it:

1. Stand around outside with signs. However, there are several problems with that approach: some of the signs might be loopy and make your protest look bad. And, you're relying on the local media to cover your protest; they may or may not mention it and even if they do it will only be briefly. And, politicians are used to being protested by small groups. Schakowsky isn't going to be overly concerned.

2. Engage Schakowsky in debate in an attempt to make her look bad and have an impact on her political career. If someone can get video of the exchange, it could be uploaded to video sharing sites where large numbers of potential voters can see it; her opponents in future elections might even use it in their ads.

The second choice is by far the smarter and more effective. Far-left groups like ACORN are only capable of holding street protests; the tea partiers can try to rise above that level and engage politicians in an intellectual debate about what those politicians support. To pursue it, see the basic action plan in the question authority summary.

One of the best questions you can ask is the one in the DREAM Act summary; Schakowsky isn't a co-sponsor of the 2009 version, but she did co-sponsor the 2007 version. If she tries to bluff her way out of it by claiming that there's some difference between the 2009 and 2007 versions, point out that both will have the same impact of allowing those former illegal aliens covered under the bill to take college educations away from U.S. citizens.

Another question would be timely, regarding the fact that on May Day 2006 she spoke at an immigration march that was organized by those linked to the Mexican government.

However, I don't suggest asking her about her comments about the tea parties. All that will do is result in a useless back and forth regarding differing opinions. The tea partiers have one take on the protests, Schakowsky has another, and there's no way to resolve that.

I'll be contacting the local tea party organizers letting them know about this better proposal, and if anyone is in the area or knows those who are please send them this page.


Look people this woman can't stand for people who can see, she hates freedoms and she hates the ideals of Liberty, and Laws,and justice for all, end of story.

"Look people this woman can't stand for people who can see"? Wow, thats a lot of people fred.

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