Illegal immigration-supporting Harold Koh: legal adviser to State Department?

From this:

Yale Law School Dean Harold Hongju Koh is a leading contender to be appointed legal adviser to the Department of State, two people familiar with the selection process told the [Yale Daily News]... In that position, Koh - a former assistant secretary of state and a leading expert on international law - would serve as principal counselor on all legal matters to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton LAW ’73...

Meanwhile: Koh's department pledged to defend New Haven against lawsuits related to that city's plan to distribute city ID cards to their residents, including illegal aliens. In fact, back in July 2007 Koh said the following about the opponents of that scheme:

I'm not sure how their life is diminished by people being able to prove they're part of the city.

What Koh can't figure out is that illegal immigration is a symptom of massive government corruption, as politicians turn a blind eye to or otherwise enable illegal activity for personal gain, either financial or electoral. It's also an indication of private corruption, as businesses such as banks attempt to profit from money that was earned illegally. Not to mention illegal immigration's involvement with crimes such as identity theft and so on.

What sort of law school dean wouldn't be able to figure that out or would support such a sleazy web of illegal activity?


what a joke some little brown brother telling us about laws check this rat out and ask question about his political ideals at the USA Is dead its just a matter of time before all of you understand what that means, and Koh Is pledged to defend his country but ask what country he is pledged to? and what law he really is about? massive corruption( white boys ) has aways been part of government but that corruption was never from places that Koh came from, by the way the drug wars is here a report was made by the pigs at FOX Yesterday but this information has been on savage nation for 3 years. buy guns.

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