How to get Eliot Spitzer's questions for the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission asked

Disgraced former New York governor Eliot Spitzer offers "10 Questions The Financial Crisis Commission Must Ask" (link). Some are pretty good, others would only generate a stock response.

However, simply posting questions on the internet is meaningless if there's no way to get them asked. While the Huffington Post certainly has some influence, if you want those questions to be asked you need to pressure the members of the FCIC to ask them, and hold them accountable if they only ask weak questions. You can find a list of their members at and they're meeting today and tomorrow. Looking up contact information for those listed and send them brief, polite emails with the HuffPost link asking them to ask questions like that or even tougher ones, and let them know that you expect them to ask the toughest questions they can. If, after obtaining a transcript of the meeting it's determined that the questions an individual asked weren't tough enough, go to their future appearances and pointedly but politely call them on it such as by comparing what they asked to what they should have asked.


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