Hottest Iranian protest babe pics?

What part can I play in the newest Iran revolution? How about highlighting some Iranian protest babes! For just one of many to come, see the attached photo, which is from this page. Aside from the decals on her face and on her scarf, she gets an A+ around here. See also the second photo at that link: piercings in Persia! Someone contact Suicide Girls.

Look, I realize that some people are passionate about this and Iranians do things in ways that are quite different from us. For instance, one guy who used to live down the street from me was some sort of partisan and had a picture of some guy plastered all over his car; apparently to other Iranians it meant something, like if you had Obama stickers all over your car or something.

But, beautiful women - especially with forms of finger painting in dramatic, freedom-forward poses - are universal. So, I'm charging you with going out into the wider internet and finding protest babes from the new Iranian revolution and then posting them into comments. I will then post them into this thread.

P.S. This is not a satire.

UPDATE (by Guillaume): A full analysis of a 24Ahead satire is beyond the scope of this update, however, the reader may want to see these for the genesis of the inspiration of this post, bearing in mind that this post - like the onion - has many layers:



Paula Abdul is probably heartbroken.

will she still be alive after the the protest is over?, this so called fight for freedom is not what you think, its a fight for who will cut our heads off down the road.