Hawaii gov Abercrombie now says he saw Obama a few days after he was born

The strange case of Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie keeps rolling along with him now saying that he saw Barack Obama a few days after he was born and also that he saw Obama's parents bringing Baby Obama to social events. His new statements don't exactly sync up with his prior statements.

Rather than repeating myself, see this, this, and this for the backstory and his various confusing statements and actions.

His latest story is here:

Hawaii News Now caught up to Governor Neil Abercrombie and asked him to clarify what he meant when he said he was "there." [note: see the full quote in the first "this" link above]

"Of course here in Hawaii," Abercrombie said.

"Not in the room?" we asked.

"Let's be serious. It is simply reprehensible to have this kind of conversation. Insulting someone's mother and father speaks about the person who is doing it," Abercrombie said.

...Abercrombie told Hawaii News Now he first laid eyes on baby Barack Obama a few days after he was born. Abercrombie said Obama's parents introduced their newborn to friends at the University of Hawaii where Abercrombie was going to college with the president's father.

"We not only saw him and were with them, but were introduced to him of course at our gatherings, our student gatherings. And of course over the years then as he was raised by his mother and his grandparents we of course saw him frequently because he was with his grandfather all the time," Abercrombie added.

The problem with this latest tale is that it's not clear whether Obama pere and Stanley Ann were even together after Obama was born. She lived in a cottage behind her parent's house, and she might have traveled or moved to Seattle somewhere between a few weeks and a few months after the birth. If Abercrombie is telling the truth, the Obamas were together and had an active social calendar. It's more likely that Abercrombie is just scrambling to try to protect Obama.

Now, of course, the foregoing doesn't mean that Obama was born outside the U.S., just that his defenders tie themselves into knots trying to defend him, lying and misleading as necessary. We don't yet know whether (how?) Abercrombie is lying, but maybe someone else will ask him to present some sort of evidence of the Obamas bringing their new baby to parties.