Gallup: Americans more favorable on Egypt than Mexico; 62% of young favorable on China; more

Gallup asked Americans whether their "overall opinion" of various countries was favorable or not, and the results are here. First, it needs to be pointed out that asking for someone's opinion of a whole country should be meaningless: is the opinion about their current leadership, what they'd be like if the leadership changed, or what? And, how could someone have an overall negative opinion about countries that have been around an order of magnitude longer than the U.S.? And, of course, every country has a wide range of interesting natural and cultural attractions, no matter their current situation. However, it appears from the percentages that the opinions were based on the current political situation in those countries vis-a-vis the U.S.:

1. The top country is our northern neighbor, Canada, with 90% total favorable. Our southern neighbor, Mexico, has just 49% total favorable, which is less than Egypt and France. That would certainly seem to indicate that many Americans aren't overly pleased with that country's government and aren't overly thrilled with massive immigration from that country. If millions of Canadians snuck across the border and thumbed their noses at our laws, would their percentage go down? Note also that Mexico is at 60% among those 18 to 34, with 55% favorable among Democrats. Think of that as the useful idiot contingent.

2. China is lower than Mexico with 42%, which is way too high considering they're our main rival and the control they have over the U.S. The useful idiot factor is at play here too, with 62% of those 18 to 34 favorable on them.

3. Three-quarters of 18-34s and Democrats are favorable on France; with those 55 and older it's just 55%. India is almost on the same level with the same dip.

4. 35% of 18-34 and 26% of Democrats are favorable on Yemen.

5. Cuba and North Korea have a sharp dip between 18-34s/Democrats and those older and Republicans. It's unfortunate that they didn't ask about South Korea, because fully 30% of 18-34s and 18% of Democrats have a favorable opinion of North Korea, a country that seems bent on keeping the dream of East Germany alive.