Frank Sharry cheers race-based power; white-majority districts are "bleached districts"

Frank Sharry of America's Voice offers "Latinos Poised to Shake Up 2010 Census, Politicians Beware" at the Huffington Post [1] in which he discusses a study showing how massive immigration by Latinos will affect congressional apportionment; more on that here. The piece is basically just a celebration of race-based "raw political power", and later on he quotes from a Washington Post blog post written by Ed OKeefe in which Sharry - someone who's apparently Irish-Italian [2] - says the following:

"This is going to set up a very interesting dynamic, because right now, the kind of bleached districts where candidates can get away with demonizing Latino immigrants -- because they're more worried about a primary challenge than a general election loss -- may end in the next decade."




Interesting that Sharry's bio (which is childishly written, and contains at least one typo) appears on the site of something called 'The North American Institute', because he's apparently working to ensure that there are lots of people from Central and South America in North America. Just looking at the general state of development in Central and South America, it's not clear how that will benefit North America. That doesn't seem to trouble him though.

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