Democratic Party 2012 platform quotes illegal alien praising Obama on immigration (Gaby Pacheco)

The immigration policies of Obama and the Democratic Party harm struggling American workers and struggling American college students.

So, it's no surprise that a quote praising Obama on immigration in the 2012 Democratic Party platform would come from an illegal alien.

Yes, that's right: the Democratic Party is buttressing their immigration position with the thoughts of a foreign citizen who's here illegally and openly so.

The 2012 Democratic Party platform includes the following quote in a sidebar:

"We congratulate President Barack Obama for giving hope to millions of aspiring citizens when he announced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Immigrant youth - who grow up attending our schools, churches, and places of recreation – come to this nation with the same desires and ideals the forefathers had; liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. In order to create immigration policies that reflect our nation's values, lawmakers must work together to protect the rights of all and create a road map that allows immigrants to become full-fledged citizens. With our dreams, work, and talent we can help make America a more just and prosperous country." - Gaby Pacheco, Listening to America hearing participant

Gaby Pacheco is an illegal alien who's open about being here illegally [1].

Obviously, Democratic (and some Republican) leaders aren't clear on who they're supposed to be working for, but that is more blatant than even I'd expect. Instead of caring about those American citizens who'll be harmed by Obama's immigration policies, the platform includes a quote from an illegal alien praising his policies.

That's shocking enough, but see also 12 reasons why the 2012 Democratic platform is wrong on immigration.

[1] From her bio (

Gaby Pacheco, an undocumented American, is an immigrant rights leader from Miami, Florida.


"I think they're using this as a political plan to rally the voters in election season," said Pacheco, the political director of United We Dream, an advocacy group for young illegal immigrants like herself.