Dana Milbank lies about Obama birth certificate

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post offers "President Alien, and Other Tales From the Fringe" (link), about a press conference held by Philip Berg following the Supreme Court's decision not to hear the Donofrio case which claimed that Barack Obama is a dual citizen and ineligible for the presidency.

And, it's not a big surprise that Milbank lied. Discussing statements made by Berg, he says:

Uh, and what about that birth certificate showing he was born in Honolulu, a fact confirmed by the Hawaii Health Department and validated by independent groups?

The state of Hawaii never confirmed where Obama was born, they only said his certificate was on file. The only independent group that has "validated" the web photo of Obama's COLB is FactCheck, and since they're spreading the same lie as Milbank (cached copy here), they're as credible as he is. Which is to say, not very credible at all.


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