Non-barking dog: John McCain doesn't mention immigration at National Restaurant Association show

The dog didn't bark during the daytime, as John McCain attended a National Restaurant Association show in Chicago earlier today and didn't mention immigration. Maybe he's learned his lesson! Just kidding.

The text of his remarks is at for those who care.


within 4 years you will be fighting or be living in a monkey police state, what do you want death under evil and rape in prison for being non black or hispanic or yellow or death fighting evil and the monkey police state? I will be happy to show you the way any want to come along? so if you will not fight for freedom and laws just get your butt's in line for the camp system.

Maybe a lot of former realtors have been applying for jobs as bus-boys and -girls.

eh is great, but the facts are civil strife and murder/rape drug cartels with mass carnage and mass military conflict is happening inside Mexico appears not to be on old boy McCain mind, or maybe he has outsourced his mind to one of the big business he is owned by? and face facts McCain hates our freedoms and is a real Insult to our nation, but i love the fact the civil war in mexico has at last started Next we need one here. just wait the civil war will come here ,Obama will do all he can to make it come here, for political reasons.