CNN, Google global warming propaganda show how untrustworthy they are (COP15 video contest)

Google is going all out to present a one-sided view of global warming, not even acknowledging that some might disagree. On at post time there's a prominent link called "Explore impact of climate change on Google Earth"; clicking the link brings you to

Explore the potential impacts of climate change on our planet Earth and learn about solutions for adaptation and mitigation, in the context of the United Nation's Climate Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen. With Google Earth you can view climate change scenarios, interact with narrated tours, investigate deforestation, and even dive into the depths of the oceans.

On the left side of the page is a sidebar linking to 14 videos; the first features Al Gore and all the others are along the same lines, including the ones featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ted Danson (apparently he's now a climatologist). Below the video section they promote projections of the IPCC, link to an editorial from the Guardian UK that appeared in 50 newspapers, promote their (which is "helping to build a clean energy future"), and ask their visitors to "Show your vote for a fair and effective deal in Copenhagen".

This is propaganda in its rawest form, and about the only contrary voices to be found are some in the associated Youtube video contest with user-generated questions. Those take the form of both text and video, and will be used in a CNN "debate". For those sources' commitment to an open debate, see this, this, this, and this among many others.


Global warming is about money and control it is a one world idea it is evil. with all the infor about it being a haox it is still being used and for one reason to murder billions of people and to murder whites by the million here inside the USA. Buy Guns make friends and make units to fight back, the day is coming and you are the target for a third world murder unit.

I may well consider switching primary search engines. The GW site really was sick. What a twisted Effing thing for google to do. How liberals can say that there is no money in it. And why do lefties always say they are against "the establishment" but then.. the establishment is RIGHT about MMGW??? Hypocrites all. Any recommendations on a better search.. bing stinks

I tried to google "Obama bows to emporer" nearly 12 hours after the fact, and I couldnt find a single pic on google images. Just rosy pics of him and his ilk. Google is clearly anti American just like the MSM.

if you want a country to live in you must make that country from blood and work, but that would mean work and blood and that will never happen in a million years.