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Jim Oberweis

Illinois Republican senatorial and gubanatorial contender who was smeared with the assistance of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights [1] [2].

Last modified Sep 7, 2014
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... lived in the state in question: Jim Oberweis. He finished second in the primary behind Jack Ryan. So, why wasn't Oberweis picked? Because he made the mistake of opposing illegal immigration and criticizing Bush's amnesty plan. Imagine that! A legislator who wanted to uphold our laws? Imagine the scandal. The article "GOP Immigration Idiocy In Illinois" has the scoop, and it includes this bit...

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... relocation expenses. Oh, I forgot. Jim Oberweis is against illegal immigration, and that just won't do. Just in case, this is what Alan Keyes said back in 1996: We should enforce the immigration laws. I support Prop 187 style legislation to enforce the distinction between legal and illegal immigration. I also support revamping the immigration laws to put more emphasis on allowing people in who...