Obama/Center for American Progress link gets mainstream media attention!

I've been discussing the Center for American Progress - a Soros-funded supposed "progressive", supposed "think tank" - for a few years. I've mainly concentrated on the fact that they're the "think tank that can't think straight", an outfit that just can't figure things out. I've also discussed their extraordinarily bad blog "ThinkProgress", which consistently engages in smears and logical fallacies. And, just last month, I included them as #16 on my list of reasons to oppose Obama.

Now, the Obama/CAP link has gotten some mainstream media attention, with Edwin Chen of Bloomberg offering "Soros-Funded Democratic Idea Factory Becomes Obama Policy Font" (link) and Daniel Libit of Politico offering "Podesta nonprofit to take center stage" (link). Unfortunately, aside perhaps from the Soros mention, both are simply puff pieces in the "valiant liberals doing cool things" mode. Now, see the links above and do a search here for all the things both sources didn't mention.


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