Mexico-linked ICIRR conducting voter drive in Chicago

From this:
During the next four weeks, Immigration activists plan to swarm through nearly 700 Chicago-area neighborhoods, visiting some homes several times in a $1 million effort to pull at least 140,000 voters into the polls for the Nov. 4 elections, organizers announced Tuesday.

The campaign, involving about 2,500 volunteers, is part of an aggressive last push across the country to sway the result of the presidential race and several congressional contests in the direction of Immigration reforms.

"This is a serious campaign," said Juan Salgado, president of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, which is coordinating the effort. "We have an agenda that's about democracy and living the best ideals of what this country is about."

[They say they got 25,000 registrations...] The next phase will also feature nearly 350,000 live and automated phone calls, 172,000 pieces of mail and intensive lobbying of voters to make a stand for Immigration reform, Salgado said.
Salgado of the ICIRR has a series of links to the Mexican government, a fact not disclosed by Antonio Oliva of the Chicago Tribune.

Another person involved in the effort is Inhe Choi, 'interim director of the Korean American Resource and Cultural Center in Chicago'.