"Temporary" Protected Status extended until 2010 (El Salvador)

The government conducts "Temporary" Protected Status programs under which hundreds of thousands of those who are fleeing natural disasters, political turmoil, and the like get to stay in the U.S. on a "temporary" basis. And, oddly enough for a "temporary" program, its specific instances keep getting renewed when they expire, as they were in May 2007, February 2006, and earlier. However, it might not be available for all countries and all incidents; Alcee Hastings (recently in the news for despicable comments) wants it for those from Haiti (link). On the other hand, FAIR thinks the whole program should be terminated (link).

The latest extension of the "temporary" program for those from El Salvador follows our beloved president George W. Bush meeting with that country's president Tony Saca. Here it is in all its absurdity (whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2008/09/20080924-2.html):
...PRESIDENT BUSH: I want to let my friend know, and the people of El Salvador, that the United States will extend TPS status to El Salvadoreans living in our country. This is a decision that was made to improve the lives of El Salvadoreans.

I'm proud to make this announcement with you standing by my side. You've been a very strong and courageous leader, and you have been a friend. And I know this is an issue of concern to you, because you care deeply about the people of your country. And so when you get back home, you can tell the people that TPS has been extended.

PRESIDENT SACA: (Remarks are partially translated.) Thank you very much. Thank you very much, President, for extending for 18 months more the TPS for the people of El Salvador. This is going to benefit our Salvadorian people with -- (inaudible) -- in liberty, in democracy, and in integration.

Thank you very much this morning for this extension.
I'll leave figuring out what Saca meant by "integration" to your imagination.


"This is a decision that was made to improve the lives of El Salvadoreans." Yes, this is a fucking traitor to the American people who put him in office.

In order to improve El Salvadors bottom line, as well as countless other non American countries citizens.....Americans in return get: 1. To pay for it 2. A reduced quality of life 3. Higher priced "everything" 4. Ever increasing crime levels 5. Loss of quality jobs & less pay 6. Anchor babies by the millions 7. Our culture being replaced 8. Our language being replaced 9. Elitist pandering to lawbreakers And worst of all, no end in sight! Yeah, I would say this is TREASON! It sure as hell isnt "Pro-American" If I could think of something positive to list I would........but I cant think of one single thing that benefits an average American citizen.

_This is a decision that was made to improve the lives of El Salvadoreans._ Yeah, so the way to improve the lives of El Salvadoreans is to get them the hell out of El Salvador. Which doesn't seem like the most tactful thing to say to the President of El Salvador. Bush is really an idiot, absolutely a total moron.

just wait until Obama becomes the next third world lover he will run you under the the bottom line like a M-48 TANK and you may ask him how many cannibalism little brothers and sisters he will help in our one world government? This got to be a joke right?

Bush isn't a moron EH, he's a corrupt, duplicitous traitor. Let's tally it up, shall we: 1. Amnesty. 2. "Guest workers," an oxymoron IMHO since there has never been a guest worker program anywhere, anytime where the "guests" actually went home. Just ask the Germans. 3. Dubai ports deal. 4. Wussed out when the Chicoms shot our recon plane down (remember, April 2001?). 5. Incessant cheap-shotting of conservatives as "bigots" because we don't want amnesty and guest workers. 6. Harriet Miers. 7. NCLB. 8. Continued the Clinton administration policy of relaxed lending standards to "benefit" non-Asian minority home-buyers, when the NYT, a liberal rag if there ever was one wrote in September 1999 that the whole thing could collapse and leave the taxpayers holding the bag for a multi-billion dollar bailout. This is not incompetence, this is purposeful negligence. If this guy was the CEO of a publicly traded company, his board would have removed him if for no other reason than the certainty that the SEC would investigate and everyone involved would be looking at lengthy prison terms. Clinton and the first George Bush deserve some of the blame here, but 43 could have taken one look at the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac setup and said no more of this. But he didn't. It's Bush who should have been impeached, not Clinton.

Coming soon, a greasy pupuseria near you, comrades.