CNN "fact check" misleads about John McCain comprehensive immigration reform stance

Dear CNN:


Sorry to shout, but I see that your "Fact Check: Is Obama ad right on McCain's immigration stance?" (link) continues the same lie that several of Barack Obama's other minions have tried to promulgate.

While McCain has said a wide range of things (including support for "reform" one day before you posted this), and his overall tactic at present is to support a secure border now followed by "reform" later, his overall goal of getting "reform" continues.

I don't know what game you and those others who push this lie are playing, but the simple fact is that McCain, Bush, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Mexican government, and Barack Obama all want the same basic thing. They might differ in the specific details and how they intend to get what they want, but their overall goal is the same.

P.S. Maybe you should mention the lies in the rest of the ad too.


'in January 2008, McCain was asked whether he would still vote for his own original measure. "No, I would not," he said' That was months ago and necessitated by trying to win the primary. Call him out on that flip, but acknowledge that he's flopped back to CIR. He's said a lot since he secured the nomination and SPECIFICALLY mentions 'comprehensive' reform. This fact checker need only take a look at the transcript of McCain's address to La Raza.