Steve Benen/Washington Monthly continues proud tradition of deleting comments

During the Kevin Drum years at Washington Monthly, several of my on-topic, non-abusive comments were deleted. As pointed out here a few times, that means you can't trust anything you read there: everything has to be double-checked because they're willing to delete fact-checking by their readers. (I also noted that many of their old pages are full of spam, and if you link to those pages it might harm your search engine ranking.)

Now, Steve Benen continues that fine WM tradition. The following comment I left on washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2008_09/014836.php is no longer there. Here it is, as posted:
The latest BHO lie appears to be that McCain only supports "reform" for the Irish, when - just like Bush, the MexicanGovernment, and BHO - he wants it for almost everyone.

You can't trust those like Benen who try to mislead you about issues like this.
That's a reference to this sentence from the roundup at that WM page:
McCain wants a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants ... from Ireland.
It also references Benen's habit of trying to pretend that McCain has flip-flopped on amnesty.


So where is that guy who suggested before you might delete his comment?