Agriprocessors charged with over 9000 child labor law violations

From this:
The Iowa attorney general's office filed child labor charges Tuesday against the owner and managers of the Agriprocessors kosher meatpacking plant, the site of one of the nation's largest workplace immigration raids.

The complaint alleges more than 9,000 violations of Iowa's child labor law at the plant in Postville, saying the violations involved 32 children under age 18, including seven who were younger than 16.

An affidavit said children were exposed to dry ice and chlorine solutions and were operating conveyor belts, meat grinders, circular saws, power washers and power shears.

The attorney general's office said the violations occurred from Sept. 9, 2007, to May 12, 2008, when the plant was raided by federal immigration agents.
If many on the left - including national Democrats - had had their way, there would have been no raid. While there were several investigations under way at the time of the raid, some or all could have come to little, and the abuses might have continued with the investigations were underway. For more on this issue, see the links at the end of this post.



Look guys in 1985 workers made in this business $18.10 per hr todays its $7.00 per hr is this telling you fools something? this is only the start kids will someday work in your jobs from all over the world and sad to say you will just disappear like the good little bitchs you are, if you let a government who is owned by others take your jobs use your kids with drugs and you have it coming if you do not get togerher and fight like real Americans you have the third world monkeys coming, and so do your kids. so stop yelling and by the way this guy is setting you up for a new law that will allow kids to work at age 3 years old like mexico.

The place was a cesspool of horrific labor law violations that in part sunk below the level of human decency. Oh, and BTW the plant was owned and run by Jews. Am I allowed to say that? This gets little mention in the media for obvious reasons. TLB provides the helpful 'kosher' reminder.

And keep in mind that this was one job site in one state, and a state that is not exactly known to turn a blind eye to this sort of criminal activity. Where is the outrage??? If this were not so closely associated with illegal immigration, the MSM would have been insisting that every meat-packing plant in the entire US be inspected NOW.

I'm all in favor of child labor, but not by foreign nationals. Their nimble little fingers are so much more dexterous and productive than those of adults. Whoever came up with compulsory education decreased this nation's productivity to its detriment. I say put our own kids back into the factories. This is why we are a great nation: children unafraid and willing to work. Ironically, those citizens under 18 are being driven out of the job market by illegals when they should learn the value of an American work ethic. The orthodox Jews that run this Sinclair Lewis type operation should be behind bars and the plant shuttered for eternity.

9000 violations? Ooh, I smell a small fine coming up. That'll teach 'em. Or maybe they'll be punished even more severely with an hour of community service. 9000 years in prison sounds better. Fred is right. Once not so long ago these were fine middle class jobs. Jobs that Americans would do, until business swooned over how profitable illegal labor could be. And how little downside attached to either the criminal employer or their criminal employees. Pols don't want to touch this while they profit from the power and the money that comes from creating a huge underclass of victims, voters and cheap labor. Blue State Iowa will be loathe to prosecute anyone if it interferes with the benefits flowing to Michelle's children. And McCain's 'children' will be protected, no matter the cost in American lives or jobs. 'America first', McCain? Just words. Words have meaning, Barry? Nation of laws? Doesn't look like it. Greed trumps all.

_And how little downside attached to either the criminal employer or their criminal employees._ That's right: the rewards more than justify the risks. And savvy business people know this, especially ones that contribute to campaigns etc. _The orthodox Jews that run this Sinclair Lewis type operation..._ It was Upton Sinclair who wrote The Jungle [1], which is perhaps what you are referring to.

[1] en.wikipedia . org/wiki/The_Jungle

Yeah whatever. I was never impressed with the English major in any event. It's for the dummies who can't do math, but thanks for the correction.

Good catch, Eh. Only days after being relieved of their illegal alien labor, the owners were back to business as usual, having learned nothing, and apparently fearing nothing. No change in their business plan. Better, is what's going on beyond the Postville story. Getting real interesting. Wonder where Agriprocessors is coming up with all the money necessary to fund all those lawyers? That's a lot of kosher chicken$, unless there are some hidden deep pockets helping out. Now its Palauans? Lots more info at the links, and don't miss this one. Follow the money...

no eh you can't say that! Obama and bush need the money! and McCain is so owned its a joke! and we all know who the real power is coming from? only the start of the making of third world America. next stop, "cannibalism".