England: kids urged to become "Climate Cops", monitor "Climate Crimes" of parents, neighbors

Back on April 6, 2008 I uploaded the video below called "Green Pioneers", satirizing the global warming hysteria by proposing a Soviet Union-style Pioneers program featuring kids monitoring and reporting the energy consumption of their parents and neighbors.

From my satire to others' realities, as in July, Barack Obama proposed his Clean Energy Corps.

But, even that wasn't as close as a new program from the British company NPower called "Climate Cops". They want children to monitor their parents' and neighbors' "Climate Crimes" and leave Post-It notes at the scene of the crime, building up a "Climate Crime Case File". Similar historical programs are discussed here and here. Someone else's satire of the new program is here. And, if you want to join up, visit climatecops.com


Can we say! hitler youth? see 1933-1945 camps are next in england for reeducation and here and its all part of the plan of one world evil. Hitler said in 1936 if he had the minds of Kids he had the parents.