San Bernardino school board promotes college discounts for illegal aliens

From this:
The San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools office has put out a new brochure informing illegal-immigrant students of their right to pursue higher education in California [under 2002's Assembly Bill 540 that gives illegal aliens the in-state rate at public universities and colleges].

..."The reality is undocumented students feel there is no life after high school," said Gil Navarro, a San Bernardino County school board member. "They can't get a job (legally). They don't have a Social Security number. With this law being in existence, it will give them a new opportunity they weren't aware of before."

Navarro pushed the county superintendent's office to create the brochure, available in English and Spanish, through the Parent Information Resource Center. The pamphlet is similar to one put out by the Colton Joint Unified School District.

..."Education is an opportunity that should be available to students," said Christine McGrew, spokeswoman for the county superintendent's office. "This is a law that has made that available. We have a role to at least provide that information."

...Elsa Valdez, a San Bernardino City Unified School District board member, said the law is another way to increase the number of college-bound students.
AB540 was from the late Marco Antonio Firebaugh. In 2004, before getting elected to the school board, Navarro proposed giving illegal aliens local voting rights.

And, on a related note, from
[Now ex-Speaker Fabian Nunez] and the USC Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis have collaborated to create The College & Financial Aid Guide for:AB540 Undocumented Immigrant Students.


Printed in spanish. Now that shows the level of education we are talking about here.

Mexico used to be the butt of many well-deserved jokes, for proudly bearing the title of this hemisphere's 'most corrupt government'. Sad to see California taking over the title. For the sole reason that Mexico is where so many California politicians got their basic training. And where their loyalty still lies. Corrupt and dysfunctional being the only model they ever learned. It may be unconstitutional for California to secede, but I am unaware of any proscription against kicking them out. Or at least arresting all of their politicians. On the other hand, there is a constitutional option for the People to kick out the squatters should they choose to do so. Prior authorization from Washington, Mexico, or any other government agency is NOT required.

When I google "marco firebaugh" I find this link [1] where I read this: _Marco was a UCLA alumni of the Law School and a great supporter of the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center._ Maybe as part of their 'research' they should use a dictionary; there they'd see that the singular is alumnus -- "alumni" is plural. I guess if you can't make it in mainstream academia on merit you lobby for something called a 'Chicano Studies Research Center' where you can park your pseudo-scholarly ass and promulgate political propaganda disguised as 'research'.